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YOGABODY Economic Meltdown USA

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  1. Shea Park wrote
    at 2:47 am - 17th October 2008 Permalink

    While at times this is a horrifying and painful film to watch and acknowledge, it is so very true. Thank you for sharing Lucas, it gives us more purpose to imagine and meditate toward finding a better way. Motivated me from my desk to my yoga mat. Namaste’. Shea

  2. Chip wrote
    at 5:27 am - 17th October 2008 Permalink

    Yes, a resource based economy is more logical and our earthly short term survival ultimately will depend upon it. And yes the political system and religious institutions are based on lies, fear and greed. But, we should be careful not to through the baby out with the bathwater.

    Hopefully, Obama is playing along with the political system until he gets elected, then when sworn in he will bring sweeping changes steering us toward a more sustainable economy and socialised democracy.

    But the real truth is that a meteor could hit our planet tomorrow wiping out most of life, mankind for sure, thus the main question is how should we live today, the answer is simply with love and joy. As for planning for survival beyond the next catastrophe, we already have the technology to survive in our consciousness, teleportation. We really need to collectively meditate on moving to another planet….”beam me up Scotty”.

  3. yossi wrote
    at 6:33 am - 17th October 2008 Permalink

    Thank you so very much!

  4. Elyce Courbois wrote
    at 9:47 am - 17th October 2008 Permalink

    Thank you so very much for sharing this profound capsule of life as we are living now – it has truly been an insight into a higher intelligence and I am of a different mind set because of viewing this beautifully presented reality. And to know I am not alone in it is somehow comforting to know.

  5. Meg wrote
    at 1:24 am - 22nd November 2008 Permalink

    The beginning about money seemed interesting and I was actually about to pass this on. However, reaching the end about questioning the existence of God is unfathomable to me. I find it quite disturbing when people are asked to question their religion. Definitely will not be sharing. The Fear of God should be way scarier than any of the other fears depicted in this video. We do live in a freedom of speech society so this is what we are allowed to produce. Ultimately, to each his own… I’m just happy to have such strong faith and wish the same for others. It’s WAY more of a PEACEFUL existence. It’s all in God’s hands…no worries.

  6. Vlad Rangotchev wrote
    at 6:40 pm - 25th November 2008 Permalink

    Thank you. I wish more people get to see this movie.

  7. Adam Del Conte wrote
    at 12:54 pm - 27th November 2008 Permalink

    Not at all what I expected from your site. Exactly what I needed. Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  8. Ian Tennant wrote
    at 3:54 am - 1st December 2008 Permalink

    Fantastic stuff – cheers for sharing. This has come at just the right time. The general media is creating such a sense of doom and gloom about the economic “crisis” we are experiencing. This movie shows clearly that the whole fanfare is uneccessary – and that mankind is fully able to create a wonderful future where all present global issue melt away.

  9. Wendy wrote
    at 10:24 pm - 14th December 2008 Permalink

    This is quite helpful and interesting. What is the actual title of this film? Thanks.

  10. NIKITA wrote
    at 7:02 am - 16th December 2008 Permalink

    While I agree with most of the information that I have seen from Zeitgeist movies the stabs taken on a persons right to believe that we are of a spirtual not religious being as well as a physical one underminds the very purpose that the film is for. By continuously attacking Christ it creates futher division and it was not neccessary to prove a very solid point. If a person wants to believe in Jesus or God or budda or the easter bunny it should be their right to do so. It serves the overall good to believe in us all being one and coming from a higher source and striving to reconnect with one another and that source. I may not understand the beliefs of another but in order to love that person unconditionally it means that i must not bash his or her beliefs or force my beliefs on that person. Religion can be controlling but sprituality is not. It is a very valuable resource in fact. There will still be imperfections and stresses even in a resourced based society and i would much rather be next to an individual who can focus himself on bettering his spirit man as a form of release rather than acting out violently towards a fellow human or other being in general. For without spiritual grow in us all the is an absence of hope and while there may be technologies technology does not take the place of some very basic human needs like comfort in tragedies and hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. The film seems to think that faith is “silly” or basically null and void in the place of technological advances and explaination for everything but EVERYONE excercises faith everyday. The technicians exercise faith when they walk outside and have faith that gravity will keep them from flying off of the planet or that the matter in the pencil will not spontaneously combust. It is perfectly ok to want to have a society free of religion but one free of all things spiritual in nature replaced by technology and science is just the same as chasing fake money.

  11. michael maruta ananda stavrinides wrote
    at 12:12 am - 17th December 2008 Permalink

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. michael maruta ananda stavrinides wrote
    at 12:41 am - 17th December 2008 Permalink

    Why don’t we create commune?

  13. Grace wrote
    at 8:47 am - 6th January 2009 Permalink

    Nikita,,,sorry honey, but you just did not “Get IT!!!” It is about Oneness!!

    Yogabody, thank you for bringing US this necessary info.
    Eye opening and Uplifting!!!! ( I have see the first “Zeitgeist”, as well.)
    I love you for making this accessable.

    Love and Blessings to YOU!!!

  14. Joachim Skibenes wrote
    at 12:57 am - 12th January 2009 Permalink


    This movie is awakening. Thanks so much for sharing.
    It puts words on the day to day frustration I experience living in society.


  15. Kathrin Sattmann wrote
    at 12:11 am - 15th January 2009 Permalink

    It makes me cry…

  16. Doron Hanoch wrote
    at 10:55 pm - 24th January 2009 Permalink

    I want to thank Nikita and Krishnamurti.

    Yes, much of what the movie shows about the currant state is of great importance for the world to see and know.
    But between that and thinking that science can be the new religion…
    As long as humans still feel the division there will be issues. Which technology to build, what is better, who will build it? Who will maintain it? Who will grow vegetables, and is GMO food OK? Is GMO food not an invention of science?

    It is crucial that all take action now. The action within oneself. Of Doing good, and respecting all that there is. Not action of division.

    The issue is not with money, but with people handling the money. This issue, the way of greed, can be transformed into any system as it has been proved through history.

    May we all find the joy of simplicity, of sustainability and love, first within ourselves, and then allow it to radiate to everything and everyone.

    Thank You for sharing this with us Lucas.

  17. Gil wrote
    at 1:36 am - 25th January 2009 Permalink

    Thank you Lucas,
    The movie presents a very nice idea for an alternative system, in theory. I don’t think canceling money would work at this point. Even though we do have unlimited resources for life (if used right), the technology is not there yet, and we are very far from full automation. Striving to get there is a great goal, but in the meantime supporting life still requires plenty of labor both in automating the world, and in maintaining automated systems. I don’t believe that we will get to full automation for hundreds of years, and probably not ever.

    Until we have unlimited resources to share, people will keep competing for resources. Since money is a uniform representation of value, people will keep working for it. Without money, people will work for the things that money represents.

    Money in itself is an amazing tool for exchanging value, and preserving value over time. It is not the problem in our society. The way people use money is the problem.

    The idea of debt is a great tool for companies and governments to finance investments that bring fruit later on. Without it, you could not invest for the future. The problem with debt is that people use it for regular living expenses, instead of only for future investments. The problem is with the use of debt, not its availability.

    There is a problem with companies having great power, but it is far from slavery or dictatorship. You can easily buy shares of these powerful companies, and use the earnings to distribute the wealth however you see fit.

    The solution for the power of companies is for people to push for government regulation that support sustainable long-term living on earth, as opposed to high short-term corporate profits. Unfortunately, I agree with the movie that people have limited power, unless they are very wealthy. And more unfortunately, I don’t believe that there is a better system that can solve this problem.

    We repeatedly see that communism fails in every case – the leaders themselves end up grabbing a greater share of the resources than the rest of society, even though they should be equal, and lead by example.

    The one thing we can do is improve technology and automation, and use the results to help everyone around the world. We can provide poor countries with knowledge and machinery, so they can support themselves better (much nicer than eternal handouts). As the whole world becomes wealthier, we can start paying people to do nothing. But that cannot happen for hundreds of years, until technology truly takes care of most of our needs.


  18. mark wrote
    at 6:27 am - 26th April 2009 Permalink

    I have seen this film before and also the updated version 2. It might interest you in seeing LOOSE CHANGE a further insite into todays corporations and goverments with a lack of empathy, compassion and love for all ? Thanks for the link.

    peace and love to all Mark

  19. bridgett wrote
    at 7:32 am - 19th June 2009 Permalink

    invest in gold

    look up NESARA (interesting law)

    grow your own food and save your seeds(if you put them under your tongue for a couple minutes, you will incorporate your DNA into food that’s for YOU!)

    dig a well in your backyard (it takes 2 days and noone has to know)
    invest in solar panels

    i live downtown in asheville nc. i subdivided my property into small lots so i will build small houses to create a small community. others will learn from you

    learn Vedanta philosophy(self realization)it’s easy. there is no duality

    Humanity is my religion, breath my only prayer

    Teach your children
    my 14 year old son met my teacher from india for a one hour satsang. he had an experience he will never forget. he is now free. he understands consciousness-non duality.

    Let’s go beyond sustainability


  20. Jeff Brown wrote
    at 3:10 pm - 7th August 2009 Permalink

    Here is what I am afraid that something like this movie will produce. It dabbles in a certain amount of profound deep truth that it automatically converts the unsuscepting to it’s whole package.

    After serving in Vietnam I suffered post traumatic stress syndrome. The war itself took a toll on me, and the rejection from the anti-war crowd made me worse when I got home. I mis-diagnosed myself and tried to cover up my symtoms with drugs and alcohol. I became a lost person, including being somewhat self destructive. What eventually contribited to my salvation was that I was fortunate to have a reference point, a foundation, the memory of a reasonable family structure and a decent childhood. Not what all children have, especially nowadays with broken families, etc.

    During my time of being a lost soul, and I do mean a lost soul, I did go through a period of trying to find meaning through various avenues. I tried a little Buddha, I tried chanting and meditation, I read the philosophy of white witchcraft, I studied and actually gained ability at interpreting Tarot cards and yes I got interested in Yoga, this was back in about 1970. I still remember the first book I read, “Yoga for You.”

    Let’s see why I am on this site, well because I appreciate stretching and flexibility, and working out, and trying to stay healthy and energetic. Now when I first read “Yoga for You,” my mind was somewhere else and I was searching for a purpose, for my own lost self, and also maybe a worldview. In otherwords I was very susceptible to propaganda as long as it tickled my fancy, and I obviously needed something. During these times Yogie gurus, practitioners of transidental meditation, and other various gurus were infiltrating the U.S. and other western cultures, and making some pretty big bucks while at it. John Lennon and others were preaching oneness, join the peace communes and the anti establishment, etc. I was taking it all in. Internally I was a wreck, but craving for an answer, a meaning and a purpose.

    Now back to “Yoga for You.” I was enthralled with this book. Through Yoga it promised many things, including out of body experiences and so forth. There were things that I wasn’t sure how to digest. It taught reincarnation, and how we were bound to dying over and over again, and of all things, the thing that kept us bound to this cycle of death was sex. So you needed to eventually be sexless to brake this death cycle. Another thing about this offering of truth, it did criticize and judge other religions in order to rise above it all with it’s own philosophy. In otherwords, it had to put down other belief systems to justify itself as the real way, or only way, by means of Yoga. The author of the book said he was counseled by literal spirit brothers, who he took their word on blind faith because of the simplicity of their truth, that is how he accepted it without question. These spirits referred to him as brother Claude, who they picked to write this book.

    Well brother Claude wrote a book that definately captivated me. I didn’t help me or change my life, but let’s say it mentally enthralled me, and I needed something to hang onto.

    One of the main emphasis of this movie is about the money system, capitalism and greed. It is interesting to note that the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. It is often misquoted as saying, money is the root of all evil, but that is not accurate, as it says, the “love”
    of money is the root of all evil.

    Anyway, when it gets down to it, we can all agree on the truth of those words, therefore then we ask, what is the point of the movie. It gives naively simplistic answers, to make it appear as if the answers are really without complications, or at least should be simple. I’m sorry but I for one do not swallow that. It would be nice, but like many politicians that have claimed that if only we latch onto their interpretation of change, if only we pick them for the pied piper, then we exclusively have the answer that all the others cannot see, because we have bought into something that we ourselves are not really thinking out in realistic completion, but at least we are believing it is what it is, and we feel good about that.

    I think Yoga stretching is good for your health and physical well being, but Yogie gurus have not been above anyone else in this capitalist society. Now their mental advertisement for you, to your mindset, is to make capitalism a bad word, a negative connotation, which can be another play on words, though we all know about the effects of corruption and greed, just don’t fall for the cherry picking of ideas and philosophies to lead you into God knows what, just because you are empty and need something to believe in.

    What type of governness is the pied piper trying to lead you to? Is technology the answer to everything? How empty!

  21. mj Quay wrote
    at 7:49 am - 24th August 2009 Permalink

    This was mindnumbing and stacked with half truths and opinons. There is no historical perspective, societies have always been run by a priviledged few.
    Until the 20th century most societies ran on physlical slavery. Most of the ‘evils’ cited are evolution from hand work to use of technology.
    Science used to battle with religion until it finally realized that there are pieces of the puzzle of life that it can’t quantify and explain scientifically. Technology is evolution.
    How did we get from enlightenment through spriritual practices and yoga to technology being god? Get a grip.

  22. Anju Dangol wrote
    at 4:53 am - 23rd November 2009 Permalink

    I believe a yoga is only the way to keep the body and mind together. Just like keeping in concentration the mind with the outer and inner body.

    Have you ever notice even we don’t stress our body in work the heart keeps on beating like it has got it’s duty to preform. Beside heart there are other muscular tissues which is completely working in organize together our lungs, intestines etc.

    So I believe it’s like driving a machinery into action with the featured posture that helps to circulate the bloods in every parts of the body.

    That’s the reason nerves diseases, unconsious or faith etc unnumerable disease has so far been eradicated through so far when the medicines were invented.

    If the machinery engine is not been in used it get rusted so the body is also need to apply in the action.

    I will be sharing my information again. Thanks

  23. ELIAS KIPROP wrote
    at 1:30 am - 9th February 2010 Permalink

    Hey,Thanks; for bringing us this fantastic and enjoy full movie.May all persons watch it.

  24. Ian McConnon wrote
    at 1:23 pm - 29th May 2010 Permalink

    This is just an adaptation of Karl Marx’s Das Capital and his German Ideology. The loss of the ‘real’ value of money dates back not to the creation of the federal reserve, but rather to the late Middle Ages (see Marc Bloch’s Feudal Scoiety). And while I respect the film’s attention to historical contextualization and even ‘determinism’, I find that it’s over-zealous in its anti-superstitious thrust. The consequence of the discussion of Biblical allegory led to a facile assumption of linguistic nihilism (according to which the imposed equivalence between ‘money’ and ‘debt’ would be equally ‘poetic’ or ‘allegorical’. Furthermore, the film does borrow on Apocalyptic imagery itself (destructive eschatology, man responsible for his own FALL, in both religious and mythographic senses). In the end, this film is quite dogmatic in a very ‘rationalistic’ sense. I just hope people don’t watch it and lapse into a depression, because this anti-capitalistic apocalyptic lore is always present in any capitalist society. Likewise, satires of the monarchy tend to be composed (more literally) in monarchical societies, and allegorically in analogous forms of government.

  25. Fitzgerald wrote
    at 12:33 am - 8th August 2010 Permalink

    Thank you Lucas for this eye-opener movie. People should really see this movie, and it would atleast make a difference. Everyone commented here should share this to their friends to start with. I am in deep thought about what would be our role for this. Maybe by awakening the people and utilizing the web to start with.

  26. Delia wrote
    at 12:00 am - 13th August 2010 Permalink

    I have seen this movie before. And I have shared it to my friends. It depicted the reality that human are capable of changing themselves and thus they are responsible to their failure to change for the better.
    We should be awaken to the truth. Its good that you have shared it in your site Lucas.

  27. Walter Brazzi wrote
    at 11:52 am - 10th November 2010 Permalink

    this movie is horrifying but this is reality. thanks for sharing!