YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga / Chakrasana Pose



This posture is very simple, but people get a little carried away with it and try to go too quickly. You’ll see children on the playground doing backward rolls all the time and never hurting themselves, but over-eager yoga students tense up and try to make this into more than it is… it’s very simple.

1. Lie on your back

2. Hands under shoulders just like in wheel pose

3. Roll your feet over your head and touch the ground with your flexed toes

(note: if you can’t touch your feet, you’re not ready for this transition posture)

4. On the 3rd trial roll, rock a little faster, push hard into your hands, and go all the way over

1. Do NOT allow your body to roll to one side or other other… it’s all the way over (straight) or nothing

2. Don’t hold your breath or grit your teeth

3. Just relax and let your body be limp

All for today…

Stay bendy,


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