Yoga Students – Get Motivated!

Dear Yoga Student,

When it comes to anything health and fitness
related, your level of motivation often makes
all the difference.

Highly motivated people plow through the world
like Mack Trucks with no brakes; while those with
lackluster motivation suffer from the incredible force
of inertia…

… and the question you always have to ask yourself
is: “How bad do you want it?”

Because with health, what I LOVE, is that everyone
can have it. We’ll all die some day, sure. We might
get really sick sometimes too. But the rest of our
lives, health is just waiting there for you to create
it – to take it. It’s one of the ONLY truly equal
opportunities on the planet.

BUT… what about the days when you just can’t
get out of bed?

OR… those mornings when you just can’t be
bothered to prepare something healthy for

AND… the times when it’s just so much easier
to zone out in front of the tube instead of
taking an hour, 30 minutes, or even just 15
minutes to invest in your health?

We all have those moments, and here’s what’s works
for me…

If you REALLY do want it (deep down), then it’s your
obligation to motivate yourself by whatever means

Go nuts.

Sometimes that means taking a few moments of silence
to get clear, and other times you need to do something
really ridiculous like looking yourself in the eyes (in the
mirror) and affirming everything in your life you love and
everything that you want.

Stay bendy,

Yoga Swings

p.s. The video above is absolute fascinating… the science
of motivation. You can apply the motivational techniques
to anything. Figure out how to incentive yourself based on
what REALLY gets your juices flowing. Intrinsic motiviation:

Wanna share your motivational ritual? [post it below]

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