The Day My Hamstring Bled (pulled hamstrings)

Dear Yoga Student,

I pulled my right hamstring so badly once that it
bled under my skin.

Let me tell you the story so you learn what NOT
to do.

I used to be so stiff, I literally could not bend forward,
my back would curl up like a cat and my hands would
touch just below my knees.

Glad those days are gone.

I also didn’t know anything about stretching. I’d done
lots of running, swimming, and even some weights, but
I had no idea how stretching worked.

Ok, enough beating around the bush. Here’s what

This girl talked me into going to yoga, and she was pretty
good. I was like this big white whale dripping with sweat
and grunting like a wrestler attempting these super-basic

Not quite the image I was going for…

… and worse yet, I got so sore after my first classes,
I couldn’t walk straight. No exaggeration here, I was
limping down New York City’s streets just trying to walk
the 1/2 mile from my apartment to work.

So what did I do? I took 2 Advil.

When that didn’t help, I took 4 more. Before class that
next evening, I took 6 more. Stupid, I know, but I didn’t
want to admit that I was too swore for a little stretching…

… so I kept popping Advil, kept flopping through class like
a beached whale, and each day, I tugged on my hamstrings
with every ounce of strength I could muster.

LESSON #1: Never underestimate the
power of painkillers

I went on for weeks like this until one day, standing in line
for the shower, my teacher said, “what’s that?”

I was still spinning from class and only half-conscious so
when I saw the pool of blood gathered behind my right
knee, I figured it was just bruise or something.

“I think you should get that checked out,” he said. And
that’s when I started to wonder… could I be bleeding?

Yup, I was. I’d torn my hamstring up so badly I had internal
bleeding, massive swelling, and constant pain for about 6
months, and then on-and-off for about a year.

The doctor’s told me to quit yoga. He told me my hamstring
was so damaged, it’d never be strong again. I fired my doctor.

A sports therapist was next. He did these ultra-sound sessions
that made it worse, so I fired my sports therapist.

My chiropractor gave me some wimpy exercises designed
for couch potatoes with 80% body fat. So I fired him too.

LESSON #2: Degree or no degree, stiff people know nothing
about flexibility

Sometimes, if you want it done right, you have to do
it yourself. I read tons of stuff about hamstrings and talked
to dancers and martial arts people to see how they healed
their hamstrings, and I figured it out.

I’ll show you how I did it in the next post…

Stay bendy (and say NO to Advil),

Yoga Supplements for Sore Bodies

p.s. My right hamstring is now stronger than ever, but
when you tear a muscle badly enough, it leaves behind
a scar… check out the alien space pod sticking out
of my leg (photo on top).

p.p.s. To heal, I first started using MSM (one of the
main ingredients in YOGABODY) therapeutically:

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