Yoga Poo: “GI Cleanse for Bowel Health”

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Dear Yoga Student,

Wow! So many emails and calls about this
GI Cleanse video.

I was a little worried you’d be grossed out by it
(I was a little) but I do hope you found it useful.

Quick update:

One doctor sent me a quick note saying my bowel
health tips were right one EXCEPT she suggested that
if you’ve got black stools, you probably want to get
that checked out (I had suggested waiting a bit).

Iron supplements can turn your poo black straight
away, so don’t panic if that’s you. But if you’re not
taking or eating anything weird and they go black,
then maybe be worried;)

Stay bendy,


p.s. I just made this “GI Cleanse Cocktail” video above
in case you’re wondering how to eat this stuff. This
recipe tastes like an apple smoothie… very easy to


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