Yoga Guru’s – Do you REALLY need one?

Yoga Guru's - Do you REALLY need one?

Dear Yoga Student,

For most people, their best quality is also their worst. Let me show
you what I mean.

I’ve always been a one-man show doing everything on my own terms
for as long as I can remember. In some ways, it’s done me a lot of

But in other ways, it’s been an idiotic waste of time. When I was a kid,
I used to spend hours trying to “invent” a pizza dough recipe in the
kitchen when there were dozens of great recipes to be had in any

I used to try to fix my motorcycle without reading any manuals – just
twisting screws and yanking on cables.

And the amount of times I’ve screwed up my computer… let’s not
even go there!

Then I found yoga.

My first teacher was a noodle of guy about 6 1/2 feet tall, and
whenever I did anything even slightly off, he’d get right up next to my
ear and growl:

“Stop messing around and do it like I told you!”

As stupid as it is, I don’t like people telling me what to do.
Fundamentally, I just don’t like it. How stupid is that?

People have been doing yoga for a zillion years, and yet I thought I
could figure it out on my own! Surprise surprise, I was a complete

Back then, it was hard for me to focus my eyes on one point, breathe
through my nose and press my hands together above my head all at
the same time (I’m not making this up).

More than once, I feinted in class, and the morning-after, I’d walk to
work with a limp. I put up a good bull-headed fight, but eventually,
Noodleman beat my independence out of me and opened me up to a
whole new world…

… a world where I could piggy-back on the work of other people and
move ahead 10x or even 20x as fast – at anything!

In the yoga scene, people are always looking for gurus and sages to
follow, but I was just looking for teachers of any kind, and I looked

Yoga geeks in the park.
Nutrition nerds at health food stores.
Fitness buffs in the gym.

I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now who I learn from (as long as
they’re good). I just love to learn.

One of my daily mantras became this: “I don’t know Jack, so today,
I’m going to find someone who does.” (very spiritual, eh?)

Where I’m going with this is that my best quality, my independence
and obsessive nature is also my worst. And your best quality is
probably stinks sometimes too.

Think about it.

Stay bendy,


p.s. Have you tried the Yoga Trapeze?

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