“Experience Deep Sleep for 7+ Hours
Each Night with No Medication!”

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Yoga Deep Sleep Disclaimer: This herbal remedy is an extremely effective tool that will help you reset your internal clock and get back to normal quickly. Please use this as a tool (not a crutch) for immediate benefits while simultaneously making simple diet and lifestyle changes so that in the long term, you’ll only need this remedy for special circumstances like travel or high-stress days.

Dear Yoga Student,

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

If you do, I’d like to introduce you to a powerful, new herbal extract that delivers deep, restful sleep with no grogginess, no harmful chemicals & no addictive properties at all!

But let’s take a step back and ask, “Why Aren’t You Sleeping, Now?”

Here Are the Top Causes of Sleep Problems:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Sweets
  • Eating too late
  • Travel
  • Poor Sleeping Conditions
  • Physical Pain/Illness

I Created this For Myself…

I do LOTS of things right for my health… I practice yoga every day, I eat great food, I keep positive people around me, BUT I’ve always found it very difficult to sleep for more than 5 hours per night.

Here’s What Happened…

About a year ago, my wife got really angry with me after a week straight of coming to bed at after midnight and then crawling out of bed at 5 a.m. to practice yoga.

Sometimes you need someone else to point out the obvious, and that
was certainly the case with me—but the solution wasn’t that easy.

I made a conscious effort to sleep more. I started going to bed earlier, practicing later, but that wasn’t enough!

I’d just lay there with my mind racing until well after midnight, and
when all was said and done, I was still just getting 5 hours of sleep per night. It’s just not enough.

Before I discovered yoga and healthy living, I’d tried all kinds of
medicated sleep drugs including Ambien & Valium and I HATE the way those sleep medications make me feel the next day…

… not to mention the fact that the list of side effects for most sleep
medicines is downright scary.

I Needed Some Help…

I knew I needed to change some lifestyle habits so my body and mind were at peace… and I’ve learned a bunch of really powerful breathing and yoga poses that are EXTREMELY helpful.

But here’s the thing: my discovery of an herbal tincture called Liquid Dream-V made the biggest IMMEDIATE difference in helping me to fix my sleep patterns quickly because there’s nothing to learn. It just works.

I went from sleeping 5 hours per night to sleeping 7 hours per night in 1 day! NO grogginess. NO side effects. NO crazy dreams. Just deep, restful sleep.

I could blab on and on about how beneficial it is to increase your sleep by 2 hours per night—but you already know that! It just feels amazing.

Everything from your levels of stress, to your hormone balance, to your weight are all hyper responsive to your sleep patterns. The benefits are so obvious, but somehow I managed to convince myself it wasn’t a big deal for many, many years.

But now, finally, I’m making SERIOUS improvements.

And it Gets Even Better…

The best part about this story is that I used Liquid Dream-V for two weeks straight, and then I stopped—and now I just use it now and then, when I need it.

And you know what? No problems at all. I still sleep great because I’ve changed my internal clock and sleep patterns. Now, I only use it when I’ve had a very stressful day and I know I need some help sleeping or when I’m traveling.

I get terrible jet lag, and with Liquid Dream-V, I now have a natural tool that gets me to sleep according to the local clock right away. So if you have trouble sleeping on planes or in hotels when you’re on the road, I can’t recommend this formula enough.

“The first natural sleep aid that
has ever worked for me”

Liquid Dream V really helped me get a good night’s sleep and now I’m sleeping well without it – maybe my body just needed to be reminded how it felt to sleep well.

– Kieran Baine (yoga student)

So… What is “Liquid Dream-V” Anyway?

Liquid Dream-V is a pure, fresh, herbal extract of Valerian, a medicinal plant used since the ancient Greek and Roman times, but here’s the problem. Most Valerian extracts come in teas or encapsulated powders and they just don’t work. How do I know? Because I’ve tried them!

Here’s the deal: if you know anyone with sleep problems, they’ve probably tried Valerian too (just ask) and they’ll tell you it doesn’t work.

So what makes my formula different? For starters, it’s a fresh extract meaning the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients are kept intact.

Secondly, it’s an extract so it’s many times more potent than the dried herb or root powders commonly used.

In plain English, most Valerian sold is not actually an active dose. Just as we know that ginger is extremely effective for preventing
motion sickness, and yet, eating raw ginger or ginger tea will do nothing to keep you from getting motion sickness.

You need a potent extract.

Dido for Valerian. Here’s how you use Liquid Dream-V. Simply add one to two droppersful of Liquid Dream-V into a small glass of water and drink right before bed.

It has a pleasant, flowery flavor and is easy to drink.

Important Notes

  • Do NOT take during the day, only before bed.
  • Make sure you’re planning for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep… this is a sleep aid NOT a napping aid.
  • Don’t operate any big machines (like cars) after you’ve taken Liquid Dream-V.
  • Don’t combine with any sedatives or medications without checking with your doctor.
  • Do NOT take with alcohol.

Sleep is SO Important

Many of the students and clients I work with use alcohol to get them to sleep at night, often red wine thinking that it’s a healthy choice.

Yes, red wine has some beneficial properties but you’d never give a kid 2 glasses of grape juice before bed, would you? Wine is the same as juice—but worse—and all the research shows that even though it might help you fall asleep initially, you’ll have fitful, low quality sleep as a result of the alcohol in your system.

But I know, I know… you just want to sleep. Trust me, I know the feeling all too well.

Here’s What to Do Next…

  • Order Liquid Dream-V today and use it as a tool to naturally reprogram your messed up sleeping patterns
  • Use my “Yoga Deep Sleep Checklist” (which I’ll email to you right after you order) so you can remove the underlying causes of your sleep problems
  • And then… sleep like a baby!

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Before I Go…

Remember, for Healthy Sleep

  • Try to avoid sweets, caffeine and alcohol
  • Try to STOP eating 3-5 hours before bedtime
  • Make sure your sleep environment is quiet, dark, and peaceful
  • And lastly, if you’re like me and need some help, use Liquid Dream-V to get immediate results while you continue to work on the other stuff

Wishing you a deep, restful night’s sleep…

Stay bendy,



p.s. Oh, just one simple request… when you receive your package in the mail a few days from now start getting a solid 7+ hours of sleep, can you just send us a quick email to let us know? This is a new formula and I’d really appreciate to hear your feedback.


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