The Yoga Trapeze – Setup 101

Dear Yoga Student,

If you’ve ordered my new YOGA TRAPEZE and need a little help getting it setup – I’m here to help!

Basically, if you want to hang indoors, it’s easiest if you can find (a) a wooden door frame or (b) a wooden stud running through the ceiling. If you’re hanging outdoors, the same applies, unless of course you use a tree or a swing set in which case you can setup with no screwing.

Here’s the deal:

Every house is different (which is why we can’t come up with standard screws, so you need to determine the place you want to hang and what kind of hooks will work.

This style of hook is very simple if your board is wide enough:
(no need for the chain)

yoga trapeze hook

The next best is like this:

yoga trapeze hook2

For the 1st, you can use an electric drill or socket set to get them in (no need for the chain, you just loop the rope through the holes and walaah!). For the 2nd, you have to twist by hand by putting a long screw driver through the hole for leverage. The 2nd option has just 1 supporting mount, so you need to get it in very deep – but it can easily hold.

These types of hooks are very easy to find at either a hardware shop or a patio furniture shop. We get ours at Ikea in the kids handing chairs section. Depending on your house, you might find some other variations of these hooks that will work too.

As far as width, take your hands straight up over your head at shoulder’s width, now double the space between your hands (so they are in V-shape), and that’s how wide you want it to be.

Once it’s up, it’s easy to play with the height, so no need to plan for that. I was hesitant to even try the Trapeze in the past because I thought it would be too much hassle to mount, but in the end, it literally took 15 minutes.


Stay bendy,


p.s. You can see more YOGA TRAPEZE VIDEOS HERE
or else you can learn all about The Yoga Trapeze HERE

p.p.s. I now take my Yoga Trapeze with me traveling and always find a place to hang it really easily… gazebos, pull-up bars in parks or hotel gyms, or even from low balconies and stairways.

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