The Only Doctor I Listen To…

Dear Yoga Student,

I read 80% of the diet books that come out each
year just to see what people are talking about.

Mostly, they’re just hype written by people who
who have no business writing about health and
wellness what-so-ever…

… so when I do find a health expert that is DIFFERENT…
someone I can trust, it’s pretty exciting (geez, I’m such
a geek).

So let me introduce you to Dr. Mark Hyman.

For my money, he is the ONLY guy in the mainstream
teaching health, weight management, and disease
prevention that you should listen to.

I read everything he puts out many many times, and
he calls his approach, “Functional Medicine.” It’s a very
simple practice that seeks to eliminate the cause of
disease rather than the effects of disease.

This is BEYOND alternative medicine… instead of finding
a natural cure for headaches, you instead find the cause
of the headache and get rid of that.

Sounds obvious, but 99% of all medical practices are
reactive, so this is really revolutionary.

Here’s what often happens:

We have a bad experience with a doctor, so we write
off the entire medical community as a sham and start
going to acupuncturists, chiropractors, and healers.


We have a bad experience with a quack naturopath
and swear off “alternative medicine” forever. If
you’re like me, you tend to gravitate toward

… but for real health, extremes are usually NOT the
answer. Prevention is. The middle path. Finding what
works, finding the source of problems, and uprooting it.

Fun stuff.

So that’s why I love Dr. Hyman. He’s a big advocate
of a plant-based diet, yoga, and meditation as well…
so that pretty much sealed the deal.

Stay bendy,

Lucas Rockwood
B12 for Vegetarians & Yoga Students

p.s. Don’t be put off by the titles of Dr. Hyman’s books like
ULTRAMETABOLISM. Sounds sensational, I know, but
it’s the best health and diet book I’ve found in 10 years.

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