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The Death of the New Year’s Resolution 2010

ABOVE: an interview with Will Smith to get you thinking…

Dear Yoga Student,

Today I’d like to officially and formally kill the New Year’s
resolution and replace it with the “90-Day Resolution Revolution.”

Here’s the deal:

Any yoga teacher will tell you that their yoga classes are packed in
January with slightly bloated students eager to get back on track
for the New Year.

(me, I accidentally lost 5 lbs eating tons of food over the holidays
because of my new YOGABODY Revolution program, but that’s another
topic I’ll tell you more about later)

New Year’s resolutions are awesome. I love goal setting, and too
see a gazillion people doing it at once really makes me excited.

But let’s be honest.

Hardly anyone ever follows through with even a fraction of their
resolutions. Old patterns are tough to break, and most people
can’t, don’t, or just plain won’t change.

How do I know this?

Because I have ruthless discipline. It’s disgusting how focused and
goal-oriented I can be, and even still, I flake out on some major
goals each year. And I’m sick of it.

There is NOTHING worse than letting yourself down, so enough

Forget the whole year of 2010. I’m looking at 1st quarter of 2010 only,
and I’m going to rock and roll.

Wanna join me?

The process is really simple. If you’ve got a laundry list of New Year’s
resolutions, that’s great (if you don’t have anything written… get to

What I want you to do is cherry pick 5-10 things you can do within
90 days (even if it means working your arse off), and make a new

This list is called your “90-Day Resolution Revolution,” and I don’t care
what your goals are or what format they’re in or if they’re totally
imbalanced or crazy.

They’re your goals, so go nuts. The only thing they MUST be is
specific. “I want to lose weight” it not acceptable. “I want to lose
8 lbs by March 1st” is golden.

My “90 Day Resolution Revolution” is here:

1. I’m going to read 24 books (5 down already btw)

2. I’m going to do the side splits between 2 chairs and then
make a video showing you how to learn.

3. I’m going to get my wife pregnant.

4. I’m going to do 3000 jumping jacks per week

5. I’m going to do 100 pull-ups per week on my Yoga Trapeze

6. I’m going to eat a minimum of 500 grams of dark greens everyday.

7. I’m NOT going to eat any sweeteners in any form (interesting experiment… results TBD).

8. I’m going to hire the world’s greatest Admin Assistant/Project
Manger to help me manage my zillions of projects.

9. I’m going to do a 5 minute full wheel pose in the middle of
Plaza Catalunya, and film it.

10. I’m going release the new and updated print version of the
YOGABODY Handbook (long overdue) along with 2 more top secret
YOGABODY projects.

Date I’ll Complete These: 1 April 2010

If you want to truly make 2010 the best year ever, let’s start small,
make it public by posting you goals below, and let’s hold each other

To the best year ever…

Stay bendy,

Yoga Home Practice Tools

p.s. In case you missed that, I honestly want to see your goals too.
Enter you goals below…

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  1. Tammy wrote
    at 10:31 am - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    Hey lucas…
    i like your idea wth regards to resolutions but have approached mine a little differently… as specifically, as publically… but differently… I created a blog purely for the purpose. you can read it on the addi given above!

  2. Jennifer B wrote
    at 10:49 am - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    90 days goals
    1. Read 2 books per week
    2. Finish two grant proposals
    3. Pray two sets of mysteries of the Rosary daily
    4. Finish the family pushup challenge (100!)
    5. Do two of the three tri sports daily (run/swim, bike/swim, or bike/run)
    6. Finish the family splits challenge (front and side)
    7. Be completely raw vegan again

    Happy to be on such a wonderful path!

  3. anke truyman wrote
    at 12:23 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    I was just so happy to get rid of all my must do feelings. So happy to be able to go with the flow and take things as they come.. which doesn’t mean that you lose your focus, it’s just a more relaxed way of living life. I don’t like this uneasy feeling of having to do things all the time… life is to short for that!

  4. Lucas wrote
    at 1:04 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    Interesting quotation: “If you go with the flow you will smash your canoe on a rock or find yourself sideways to the current and be swamped.” That’s not always true, but when you paddle, it’s a lot more fun for sure. – LR

  5. Carmen wrote
    at 1:29 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    That’s a great initiative! Thanks Lucas!

    Here’s my 120 days goals (1st of May is a big deadline for me)

    -Organize teaching materials efficiently for every week
    -Finish translating a huge history book (deadline 1st of May = roughly 40 pages per week – sounds crazy but I WILL do it)
    -Go to therapy 1x week to cure depression definitively
    -Taekwondo 2 to 3x week and get my brown belt by that time
    -Gym (Weightlifting+rock climbing) 1x week; I so regret there’s no way to squeeze in more of this
    -Continue commuting by bike my 5 miles to work and 5 back home over the Manhattan bridge every day except when raining
    -8 hours sleep every night, to be high on energy
    -Laugh a lot in the sun, stare at the sky, take deep breaths in between whenever I can. Feel free and happy and fulfilled.

  6. Lucas wrote
    at 1:31 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    Carmen – Used to bike to work over the Williamsburg bridge every day to work in the East Village. Cold in winter but nice too. – LR

  7. Carmen wrote
    at 1:48 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    That’s really cool! The Williamsburg is the toughest to ride, of the three. I also love the Bklyn Bridge, but the only time it’s “tourist-safe” to bike there is 7 a.m.

    That daily ride is one of the biggest endorphine boosters I know :)

  8. Andrea Reed wrote
    at 2:10 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    Thanks for this great video, Lucas! I love it love it love it! I am not sure why, but it always amazes me to hear celebrities talk about “the universe” and yet to be successful and balanced like Will Smith, you’ve GOT to be working the laws. Looking forward to hearing more about your YOGABODY Revolution program too!


    Andrea Reed

  9. Marloe wrote
    at 6:27 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    90 day goal:

    Cultivate a better water habit and drink 3 litres water a day

    Go to bed before 12 midnight

    Eat 2 cups green veg daily

    Exercise before eating in the morning

    De-clutter 15 minutes per day

    Do a daily dance for joy:)

  10. Maruta Ananda wrote
    at 6:55 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    Don’t pick at any wayward finger cuticles. Don’t scratch poison oak / ivy rash after hike.
    Memorize that violin piece before 2011.
    Make at least one goal per week.

  11. Ninjagrrrl wrote
    at 8:50 pm - 7th January 2010 Permalink

    Thanks Lucas, another great idea and inspiring video! I love this concept and find that the deadline really works to accelerate into being what already wants to be born.

    Much gratitude,

    90-Day Goals:

    1. Edit rough draft of new non-fiction book into readable shape to send to agent.

    2. Successfully host two teacher trainings in Jan-Feb at yoga studio.

    3. Limit computer time to one hour a day in the morning to answer email correspondence.

    4. Continue to be a rock to everyone in my life and everyone who passes through the doors of my yoga studio.



  12. Jessie Rard wrote
    at 1:33 am - 8th January 2010 Permalink

    I want to be able to do a chest-stand, i have been working on it every day, and am really close. If you don’t know what it is look it up, it is a really cool contortion pose!

  13. Lisa Macy wrote
    at 9:30 am - 8th January 2010 Permalink

    Goals by March 1:
    1. 2 new classes begun
    2. Constant Contact actively used
    Goal by April 1:
    1. Daughter choses 3-5 colleges for applying

    Long term goal: 400 people meditating 2x week in my city.

  14. Lisa Macy wrote
    at 9:37 am - 8th January 2010 Permalink

    oops, I forgot my biggest goal:

    to stably awaken by or when my teachers arrive in March.

  15. Lucas wrote
    at 9:54 am - 8th January 2010 Permalink

    400 people… wow! count me in… – LR

  16. sanjeev wrote
    at 11:06 am - 8th January 2010 Permalink

    Hi Lucas, 90 days goal really a good idea, lets see,
    1. i will get up at 4 am daily for yoga practice
    2. i will do meditation daily
    3. i will remain fearless
    4. since my wife is pregnant and i will not even think about sex or sexual things, i will do Brahmacharya (hey hey…but for 90 days only).
    i also want to tell other people that yogatrapeze is also good for Brahmacharya, bacause hanging in that fashion also a part of Vipreet kaari Mudra
    say good luck to me lucas


  17. Fe Bailey wrote
    at 1:17 am - 9th January 2010 Permalink

    Hi Lucas and everyone else! Thank you for being always so inspiring!

    Here I go:
    1.-Wheat and sugar is not an option to eat anymore
    2.-I am practicing yoga twice a week
    3.-I am going weekly to my pilates class
    4.-I am creating a new dance coreography each week.
    5.-I am warming up and stretching before and after teaching a class.
    6.- I am having fun everyday!
    7.- I am cooking everyday
    8.- I am riding my bike every Saturday morning to my dance class.
    9.-By march 31st the taxes are done, the file cabinet is up dated, and my web site rocking!

    Thank you! This is really fun!

  18. azi wrote
    at 3:51 am - 9th January 2010 Permalink

    Hi dear Lucas,
    Thank you
    1- 1 want to lose 8 kilos of my weight in 90 days
    2- I will wake up early at 06: 00 a.m .to do yoga practise.
    3- have a good diet
    4- pay more attention to my family instead of work.

  19. Lucas wrote
    at 4:44 am - 9th January 2010 Permalink

    Fe – good one on taxes. I’m accidentally-on-purpose forget about that;) I’m in too… – LR

  20. Nancy Simos wrote
    at 3:00 am - 10th January 2010 Permalink

    Hi all

    My goal is to learn how to set up goals. In 90 days I would like to have set up a proper goal and stick to it.

  21. Lucas wrote
    at 6:27 am - 10th January 2010 Permalink

    Nancy – you’re going good already. 1st goal written:) The key is to allow your self to be fluid with them. Review/edit regularly as you get more clarity. Our initial goals tend to be pretty vague, and the more specific you get, the easier and more fun it becomes to get them done. Hope that helps! – LR

  22. azi wrote
    at 2:00 am - 11th January 2010 Permalink

    Hi everybody and dear Lucas,

    I know my goals but sometimes changing habits are difficult and I dont know how to reach my goals!

    Thank you.

  23. Jessie Rard wrote
    at 2:03 am - 11th January 2010 Permalink

    Azi- what kind of goals do you have? if possible ste many small goals, steps to achieve your ultimate big goal. i hope this helps. ~Jessie

  24. azi wrote
    at 8:17 am - 11th January 2010 Permalink

    Dear Jessie,

    Thank you , yes this way is better.

  25. Lyn Liddell wrote
    at 9:43 pm - 11th January 2010 Permalink

    I am going to learn how to set goals and then achieve them.
    I am going to totally master Hot yoga nad backbends!

  26. Birgit wrote
    at 8:36 am - 12th January 2010 Permalink

    Hi Lucas,

    thanks for another inspiration – I already had a look at the site directly after your mail but I chickened out of comitting myself… ;-)
    Now I had at least a little more time to think about what I want to achieve within the next 90 days (until 1st april):

    1. lose 10kg (= get back into my old shape)
    2. redevelop my old strength with at least 50 pushups and 250 varied crunches daily
    3. eat at least 500g of varied veggies and get good plant-based protein every day
    4. lose that sugar & sweets addiction
    5. submit my PhD thesis
    6. increase my flexibility by 15min of gravity poses every day (test measure: comfortable in Padmasana, Rajakapotasana, Hanumanasana, Matsyendrasana)
    7. do 3-5min of inverse poses every day
    8. enjoy at least 5min of meditation and 5min of pranayama daily
    9. dance around, laugh, have fun and enjoy myself EVERY SINGLE DAY (I do so already, just to constantly remind myself and all of you, too ;)

    I know many of you guys do a lot more with respect to asanas, meditation and pranayama, but this is what I can hopefully fit into my daily routine (as I won’t cut back on work, karate, marathon, or friends :)

    Thumbs up and fingers crossed for your goals – big hug for all of you!

  27. Lucas wrote
    at 8:44 am - 12th January 2010 Permalink

    Love it, Birgit! Awesome… – LR

  28. Jessie Rard wrote
    at 11:15 am - 12th January 2010 Permalink

    Lyn- I love backbends, they are my favorite poses. so i am interested to learn what you classify as ‘mastering’ them. i think i might make that my resolution too. do you know a harder yoga backbend than king pigeon? also, once you master yoga backbends there is a whole new level in contortion. that is what i am working on now. my first resolution was to do a chest stand, it is really cool, you can look it up if you want. But now i want to change my resolution to explore all types of backbends i can find.

  29. Megan wrote
    at 3:26 am - 13th January 2010 Permalink

    Since reading everyones resolutions I needed time to contemplate. So many wishes, hopes, false promises I’ve made in the past. So, my resolution is to make a commitment. Just that. A commitment. I commit to keeping a healthy mind, body, soul. Not in any heavy far out way that is usually far too hard to keep, just to love myself just a little more for the ‘good’ that I achieve each day. Thank you to all of you caring, loving people for embracing and accepting me – just as I am! And thank you especially to Lucas for opening this forum – I open my heart to you and those like you. You enrich me and my world…

  30. Azita Jahangiri wrote
    at 5:40 am - 18th January 2010 Permalink

    Hello Evrybody,

    Little change in my goals,

    1- I do yoga when I have time and not exhausted, it was supposed to do yoga at 6 a.m before going to work , I am alwasy late at work, because I cant wake up 5 minutes earlier.:)

  31. Justine Fitzgerald wrote
    at 8:45 am - 10th August 2010 Permalink

    Urgh!Too bad and too late for me to realize this things. It is just by now I got into my mind while reading this post. Its funny and idiot of me. I am just new in your site. Anyways, I think is not the end of me, I can start now. I’ll have my PRE-NEW YEAR’S Resolution. ( GRIN ) Great site here Lucas!

  32. Genessy wrote
    at 4:42 am - 14th August 2010 Permalink

    This sounds fun and good. You really made a point in here. Its been a tradition to make resolutions but majority of the people failed to realized their resolution. We should do it wholeheartedly.

  33. Briana Desoto wrote
    at 11:24 am - 9th November 2010 Permalink

    The idea truly makes sense. I don’t have to wait for the new year to start a 90-Day Resolution Revolution!