The Death of the New Year’s Resolution 2010

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Dear Yoga Student,

Today I’d like to officially and formally kill the New Year’s
resolution and replace it with the “90-Day Resolution Revolution.”

Here’s the deal:

Any yoga teacher will tell you that their yoga classes are packed in
January with slightly bloated students eager to get back on track
for the New Year.

(me, I accidentally lost 5 lbs eating tons of food over the holidays
because of my new YOGABODY Revolution program, but that’s another
topic I’ll tell you more about later)

New Year’s resolutions are awesome. I love goal setting, and too
see a gazillion people doing it at once really makes me excited.

But let’s be honest.

Hardly anyone ever follows through with even a fraction of their
resolutions. Old patterns are tough to break, and most people
can’t, don’t, or just plain won’t change.

How do I know this?

Because I have ruthless discipline. It’s disgusting how focused and
goal-oriented I can be, and even still, I flake out on some major
goals each year. And I’m sick of it.

There is NOTHING worse than letting yourself down, so enough

Forget the whole year of 2010. I’m looking at 1st quarter of 2010 only,
and I’m going to rock and roll.

Wanna join me?

The process is really simple. If you’ve got a laundry list of New Year’s
resolutions, that’s great (if you don’t have anything written… get to

What I want you to do is cherry pick 5-10 things you can do within
90 days (even if it means working your arse off), and make a new

This list is called your “90-Day Resolution Revolution,” and I don’t care
what your goals are or what format they’re in or if they’re totally
imbalanced or crazy.

They’re your goals, so go nuts. The only thing they MUST be is
specific. “I want to lose weight” it not acceptable. “I want to lose
8 lbs by March 1st” is golden.

My “90 Day Resolution Revolution” is here:

1. I’m going to read 24 books (5 down already btw)

2. I’m going to do the side splits between 2 chairs and then
make a video showing you how to learn.

3. I’m going to get my wife pregnant.

4. I’m going to do 3000 jumping jacks per week

5. I’m going to do 100 pull-ups per week on my Yoga Trapeze

6. I’m going to eat a minimum of 500 grams of dark greens everyday.

7. I’m NOT going to eat any sweeteners in any form (interesting experiment… results TBD).

8. I’m going to hire the world’s greatest Admin Assistant/Project
Manger to help me manage my zillions of projects.

9. I’m going to do a 5 minute full wheel pose in the middle of
Plaza Catalunya, and film it.

10. I’m going release the new and updated print version of the
YOGABODY Handbook (long overdue) along with 2 more top secret
YOGABODY projects.

Date I’ll Complete These: 1 April 2010

If you want to truly make 2010 the best year ever, let’s start small,
make it public by posting you goals below, and let’s hold each other

To the best year ever…

Stay bendy,

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p.s. In case you missed that, I honestly want to see your goals too.
Enter you goals below…

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