YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga / Chakrasana Pose

CHAKRASANA POSE THE SETUP This posture is very simple, but people get a little carried away with it and try to go too quickly. You’ll see children on the playground doing backward rolls all the time and never hurting themselves, but over-eager yoga students tense up and try to make this into more than it […]

YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga Jump Back & Jump Forward

ASHTANGA YOGA: JUMP BACK Jumping back to chaturanga from a forward bend is a pretty simple movement, but many students make a loud “thump” or really push too hard in the process. The movement consists of 3 main parts. 1. Get your hands all the way flat on the floor. 2. Move your chest forward […]

YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga Jump Thrus

[jwplayer file=”” width=”630″ height=”380″ allowfullscreen=”true”] ASHTANGA YOGA: Jump Through to Sit When you first learn this, it’s easier to do with bent legs, though eventually you can learn to do with straight legs too. It looks like a very muscle-y posture, but it’s more about balance than anything. When practicing, remember to keep your arms […]