YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga / Chakrasana Pose

CHAKRASANA POSE THE SETUP This posture is very simple, but people get a little carried away with it and try to go too quickly. You’ll see children on the playground doing backward rolls all the time and never hurting themselves, but over-eager yoga students tense up and try to make this into more than it […]

YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga Jump Back & Jump Forward

ASHTANGA YOGA: JUMP BACK Jumping back to chaturanga from a forward bend is a pretty simple movement, but many students make a loud “thump” or really push too hard in the process. The movement consists of 3 main parts. 1. Get your hands all the way flat on the floor. 2. Move your chest forward […]

YOGABODY: Ashtanga Yoga Jump Thrus

[jwplayer file=”” width=”630″ height=”380″ allowfullscreen=”true”] ASHTANGA YOGA: Jump Through to Sit When you first learn this, it’s easier to do with bent legs, though eventually you can learn to do with straight legs too. It looks like a very muscle-y posture, but it’s more about balance than anything. When practicing, remember to keep your arms […]

YOGABODY Fleximine Explained: How it Works

Dear Yoga Student, I want to talk to you about the power of practice. Your body can change so fast, so dramatically, that people won’t recognize you (I’m serious), but all that change has to start with you. With your practice. I teach yoga, and new students (especially guys) will often walk in expecting to […]

Yoga Backbend Tips & Tricks

Dear Friend, Most yoga students HATE backbends, but desperately want to learn them. Here’s something you might not know: most yoga teachers also HATE backbends, so often they don’t teach them very well or very often! I tell you something else. My backbends used to be really pathetic—I mean REALLY pathetic. I went to class […]

Yoga Poses for Tight Hips: YOGABODY Secrets

Dear Friend, I’m going to give you the straight facts about fixing your tight hips fast. As a yoga teacher, I can tell you that there are 3 poses that everyone wants to learn as soon as possible: full lotus, headstand, and crane pose (bakasana). Of these three, full lotus is probably the most challenging—but […]

Food & Flexibility Secrets: The YOGABODY Way

Dear Yoga Student, Here’s something you have to experience to believe: “The right foods can increase your flexibility immediately!” Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s true. This is not science or theory; it’s a real-life, student-tested fact. If you eat a water-dense, plant-based diet with lots of superfoods, you’ll notice flexibility gains within three days. Don’t […]

Bum Knees, Surgery, & Yoga

Dear Yoga Student, Did you know that hundreds of people get knee surgery every single day? Just in the last year, 4 of my close friends had surgery! One was a yoga teacher, another was a runner, and the last two hardly did anything physical at all. So what’s up with our screwed up knees? […]

My Yoga Teacher Laughed at Me

Dear Yoga Student, My first yoga teacher laughed at me when I told him that someday I was going to be a yoga teacher too… but he’s not laughing anymore! My life is pretty sweet. Yoga has taken me to 17 different countries, 5x that many cities, and expanded my world faster than I could […]

Yoga Exercises Change Your DNA… maybe:)

Dear Yoga Student, I prefer experience to science 6 days a week, but I learned something today that you should hear. Stretching exercises are believed to stimulate the production of gel-like substances called glycoaminoglycans (GAGs). These GAGs lubricate connective tissue fibers and keep them pliable. What does that mean? Well stretching, makes it easier for […]