The Scream Room (an alternative to yoga)

Dear Yoga Student,

As a teenager, I worked in Starbucks back when there
weren’t that many Starbucks, so the line was out the
door from 5:30 a.m. until closing.

I’ve had 51 different jobs in my life, and to be fair,
pouring coffee wasn’t a bad one…

… but after 6 or 8-hours of grind, foam, cap-it, mop
it, “get in line!” you can imagine I felt pretty fried. The
fact that I was drinking Americanos the entire time didn’t
help matters either.

And here’s the point of all this:

My boss back then, Barry, had this thing he called “The
Scream Room.” The first time he took me down to the
basement to see it, I freaked (but soon, I was hooked).

Here’s how the scream room worked:

1. If you’re feeling really stressed, overwhelmed, anxious,
or ______________ (add negative feeling here), you step
into the walk-in fridge and close the door.

2. With the door closed, you then scream as loud as you
can for a solid minute, until your throat hurts. Think about
it, you probably haven’t really screamed full-out since you
were a kid. It’s really intense.

3. Exit when you’re ready. Repeat as needed throughout
the shift.

In general, I find that people get way to intellectual about
coping strategies. Sure, there are lots of times when
doing some yoga, taking a walk, or sitting quietly in a
room is just what you need.

But let’s be honest. Sometimes, 3 hours of yoga can’t
shake a stick at just 30 seconds locked in your closet
screaming your head off.

Ever done it? I dare ya…

Stay bendy,

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