Rotator Cuff Injury? Watch this…

Dear Yoga Student,

Intensity is the impetus for change in yoga and in life, but
you have to be very careful with areas like your knees, neck,
back, shoulders, or elbows…

The truth is that most serious injuries are actually re-injuries of
a very small warning sign from your body that you didn’t listen
to or didn’t take very seriously.

Yoga done correctly will help you tune in and listen better to your
own biology.

Just like any physical activity, in yoga, you’re bound to feel
some aches and pains from time to time. It’s normal and
expected, so your job is to listen and react appropriately to
help your body heal, open and transform.

The shoulders are a trouble area for many students as they
tend to develop tension during long working hours at a
computer (can you relate?).

From there, people often move too quickly into body weight
or resistance weight training (including yoga) which can cause

The shoulder is a complicated joint, and here’s a quick
video that will help you understand the Rotator Cuff and how
to rehabilitate it if you find yourself “feeling” one of those
warning signs that an injury is imminent.

Hope that’s useful…

In health,

Yoga Swing for Back & Neck Pain

p.s. Have experience with rotator cuff injuries? Please post below…

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