Mentors vs. Gurus

Dear Yoga Student,

In yoga, there’s an ancient tradition of gurus and

… you’re to search for a teacher that really
resonates with you, and then you follow him or
her with steadfast determination, trusting the
guru more than you trust yourself.

I love the idea. It’s wonderful. It would be so great
if we could all find someone to play that role in
our lives.

But it’s damn-near impossible to find someone
balanced and evolved enough to fill that role.

So for most of us, it’s much more productive
to look for mentors. A mentor doesn’t have to
be perfect, or balanced, or forever.

A mentor just needs to be someone who is a
little bit more advanced at SOMETHING than
you are (could be yoga, could be finances, could
be parenting).

And when you catch up or surpass your mentor,
that’s wonderful. You find another.

It’s not a religious relationship, it’s just a learning

Personally, I spent many years trying to find a “guru”
in the West and then in Asia; and the day I stopped
looking for perfection and just started looking for
mentors, it was a personal revolution.

Because teachers are everywhere. Mentors are
everywhere. Some of them are downright lunatics,
but you can still learn a lot from them, and their
life doesn’t have to define yours.

So here’s the question: “Do you have a mentor?”
If not, go get one!

Stay bendy,

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p.s. I don’t know Jack Canfield personally (I read a
few of his books years ago) but I posted this video
because I think it’s excellent.

p.p.s. I’d love to hear your comments/feedback about
this guru vs. mentor debate… please post below.

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