“Learn How Good Bacteria Can Transform Average Foods into Superfoods…”

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HEALTH DISCLAIMER this video is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical or health advice. If you’re suffering from a disease or illness, it’s always best to check with your health care provider if you have any doubts or questions.

Fermented “live” foods are found in every traditional diet in the world, from East to West; and only recently have we started eating pasteurized (dead) versions of these live superfoods. With controlled fermentation, it’s fast, easy, and fun to bring live foods back into your diet—and it’s much more cost effective than buying them in specialty stores.



Finally… an easy way to make your own healthy, living foods at home. No special tools or experience required. All you need is a glass jar and some milk or veggies and you’re all set!

Here’s what you get:

KEFIR STARTER – awesome for making creamy Turkish fermented milk or coconut milk drinks. Fast, easy, and so nutritious… since the bacteria eat much of the lactose and sugars, your food becomes much easier to digest and more nutritious.

1 box = 6 packets = up to 42 batches*


VEGGIE STARTER – if you’ve never had homemade sauerkraut before, you’ll soon be hooked! Add your homemade live kraut to salads or sandwiches and you’ll taste and feel the benefits immediately.

1 box = 6 packets = up to 42 batches*


*FERMENTATION NOTE: while it’s possible to endlessly start a new batch from the previous one, it’s recommended you do this 7 times maximum to preserve the “controlled fermentation” environment, ensuring that your cultures are pure and highly concentrated with the “good guy” bacteria (rather than airborne yeasts).


*FREE* Bonus!  Normal Price $16.95

HAPPY BELLY (audio class CD) – in this audio class with leading live food and fermentation authority, Donna Gates, you’ll learn why fermented foods are so important, what immediate benefits you can expect, and the best way to maximize the number of “good guys” in your gut! Donna Gates is a pioneer in the field of living foods, and in this info-packed class, she shares her wealth of knowledge with you in plain English.


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Q: Do I need special equipment to make these live foods?
A: No, all you need is a glass jar (porcelain pots work too).

Q: Does it come with instructions?
A: Yes! It’ll take you 2 minutes to read and understand… it’s very simple.

Q: Does the room temperature affect things?
A: Yes, the warmer it is in your house, the faster it’ll ferment. The cooler it is, the slower… but you can ferment anywhere provided it’s not freezing.

Q: You said use “good milk”… what do you mean by that?
A: If you’re going to use dairy, try always to find organic, grass fed and hormone-free dairy from cow, goat or sheep. Conventional, store-bought milk should be avoided. It’s often loaded with antibiotics, pesticide residues and hormones, so it would defeat the purpose.

Q: Is it true that lactose intolerant people can drink kefir?
A: The good bacteria eat the lactose in milk, greatly reducing the totoal amount. There is still some lactose though, so highly sensitive people may still have problems. Coconut kefir is a great option for everyone.

Q: Will is make my house smell?
A: Kefir is made very quickly and will not create an odor. Sauerkraut/kimchi gives off a vinegar smell while fermenting, so some people put it under the kitchen sink, in the garage, or back yard (if it’s warm enough).

Q: What if I have candida or yeast infections and have been advised against any fermented foods?
A: Always check with your health care provider, but many people find that controlled ferments (unlike the wild ferments that are often consumed) actually help control candida.

Q: How do live foods help with sugar cravings?
A: Bad bacteria overgrowth is believed to cause sugar cravings as the bacteria need sugar to proliferate. Once your bacteria are more balanced (with more good than bad) it’s believed that some of your sugar cravings are naturally abated.

Q: Do you have any videos on making these live foods?
A: Yes, you’ll find hundreds of videos on youtube and we’ll create some ourselves for you very soon.