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Each year, we donate 5% of net profits from YOGABODY to our Karma Yoga Projects. We started in 2007 with some small donations to my sister’s relief project in Africa; in 2008, we helped to build a new set of toilets for a school on my former home in Koh Samui; and from 2009 onward, we’ve been contributing directly to fund global entrepreneurs who will hopefully multiply our donations to grow and help even more people not just get relief—but actually rise above their current economic situation.


ABOVE: Our current Karma Yoga projects around the world. To learn more how you can help, please go to: It’s a powerful way for individuals to help at ANY level of financial commitment.


The 2008 Koh Samui School Toilet Project

HUGE “Thanks” to Everyone Who Helped Make This Project a Success!

Thanks to:

Chris Rossomando
Andy Baadsgaard Pederse
Ian Tennant
Thomas Humprhey
Sam Russell
Michael Nielsen
Dawnette Hidley
Claudia Whitney
Cheryl Shifflet
Brianna Goldenstein
Mary Monsalve
Miriam E. Sheller
Beatrice Mulzer
Allan de la Best
Andrew & Vanessa Fairall
Bhangananda Anya
Carol Holmes
Tan Sook Jiuan
Kevin Takasato
Henry Traum
Algirdas Nakas
Maisie & Esther
Elina Dunford

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    nuesttra misión es cuidar y mejorar la salud

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    Requiero de consejos y asesoria profesional

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    Thanks for your information on coffee, milk milk products and sugar. I am trying it out!!!!

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    I AM YET TO TRY WHAT YOU HAVE SAID. by the way, I must tell you, I am 78 years oldand h ave no ioncome. I am living at t6he mercy of my son.

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    thank you very much for your God sent advice.