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Indian Food is NOT Yoga Food – Secret #3 of 7

Indian Food is NOT Yoga Food - Secret #3 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

In 2006, I spent 3 months in India studying yoga.

I practiced with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, I
spent time at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala,
and I met some really cool, old-school yogis at
random temples and markets.

I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, but India
stands out as both the best and the worst.

It witnessed beautifully-rich traditions, heart-
wrenching poverty and desperation, magnificent
monuments, and desolate slums all crammed
together in a huge land mass that somehow
always feels crowded even when there’s no
one around.

And the food? Well, Indian food tastes amazing,
but for yoga and flexibility, it’s death!

Let me explain.

The Indian diet consists mainly of wheat, rice,
and dairy – three of the most mucus-forming
foods known to man (think of mucus like glue
smeared throughout your body).

Lots of Mucus = Lots of Stiffness

So why do yoga teachers always recommend
that you drink milk, eat yogurt, and suck down
spoonfuls of ghee every day?

Probably because they’ve never tried giving it up!

Here’s a quick tip: give up dairy for 1 week and
see how much more flexible you feel. Most people
notice a HUGE difference within 3 days (I’m
talking night-and-day difference).

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: “Not another
crazy vegan trying to turn yoga students into
tree-hugging hippies…”

… well, think what you like. I’m not a hippy, I’m
only slightly crazy, and this isn’t about the cows!

(OK, I’ll admit I do think it’s wrong to strap cows
to machines, steal their babies, and pump them
full of antibiotics just so we can have yogurt for
breakfast… but that’s another topic altogether.)

Mucus sucks! That’s the straight story. Give up dairy,
go deeper in your backbends, and your sinuses will
be so clear, you won’t believe it.

After 1 week, if you just can’t go another day without
Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, well then at least you’ll
know why your hamstrings are so stiff when you
wake up the next day.

Stay bendy,

Yoga Flexibility Kit

p.s. I run a Karma Yoga charity project that’s pretty
fun. Take a look when you have a chance:
Karma Yoga – YOGABODY

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  1. Maxim wrote
    at 8:21 am - 19th April 2010 Permalink

    Problem is, diary products are the last source for certain proteins and vitamins, when you are a vegetarian. Flexibility is good, but there are other ways to reduce Kappha in the body than abstaining from diary products, I believe.

  2. Lucas wrote
    at 8:29 am - 19th April 2010 Permalink

    @Maxim – dairy is very nutrient-dense for sure, but its problems often outweigh the benefits and the problems are getting worse as dairy become more and more processed and commercialized. The reality is meat is much more of a “whole food” than 99% of dairy products you’d find. I don’t eat either, but that is the truth. Some people do great with dairy for sure, and some people have access to fresh, unpasteurized dairy. But not many. It’s a really strange food, like corn syrup, that sneaked it’s way into so many foods. But every body is different and if it works for you… I say go for it! _ LR

  3. Aida wrote
    at 12:54 am - 9th August 2010 Permalink

    I hate dairy, it gives me gas pains and diarrhea eventually. I’m really allergic to it.

  4. Marsha wrote
    at 9:55 am - 13th August 2010 Permalink

    Indian foods are so delectable. I lived in India for 1 year and I fell in love with their delicacies. But to found out that its a sucker to our flexibility, I have to give up the Indian foods. I won’t argue on your point, its really true.

  5. Jeremy wrote
    at 11:04 am - 8th November 2010 Permalink

    I think, this is not just for Indian but generally true for all Asian people.

  6. Megan Drzewiecki wrote
    at 11:09 am - 10th November 2010 Permalink

    That’s true but there are also lots of Asian who have changed their diets and turned into raw food due to its health benefits.

  7. Ashley Scott wrote
    at 8:18 am - 12th November 2010 Permalink

    Changing the diet you are used can be difficult but with determination and knowledge on how to make the transition easier, you will be able to change your diet.