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How to Make Chia Gel – YOGABODY

Dear Yoga Student,

If you’ve heard about the heart-healing and brain-power benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids but just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it…

…then I’d like to introduce you to my new 100% organic, energy-packed YOGA Seeds!

I’ve been a closet fanatic about chia seeds for years, but it was nearly impossible to find a consistent, USDA organic supply, so I couldn’t really get too excited—until now! I got ‘em!

1 – Squeeze 1/2 a lemon into this mixture and it’ll taste awesome (no lemon, no taste).

2 – This stuff LOOKs weird, I know, but it’s tasteless and amazing for you (omega-3, protein, trace minerals, and enzymes).

3 – You can use juice instead of water for natural, tapioca-style pudding.

You can buy organic chia seeds here.

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  1. Jason Griffin wrote
    at 12:09 pm - 22nd December 2009 Permalink

    Can you just eat the seeds right out of the bag, crunchy style?
    Or do you have to put them in the water to make the nutrients bio-available.
    (I had some last night and it was funny because some of them got stuck in between my teeth and then ten minutes later they were all puffed up.)

  2. Lucas wrote
    at 12:54 pm - 23rd December 2009 Permalink

    Hi Jason – no, you MUST soak in water first. Chia take on about 30x their weight in liquid, so you want that to happen BEFORE they get into your belly:)

  3. Janice Beauduy wrote
    at 12:04 pm - 25th December 2009 Permalink

    I was about to order chia seeds when I saw that the shipping and handling just about doubled the cost. How can it cost $20 for that?


  4. Jennifer B wrote
    at 8:08 pm - 21st February 2010 Permalink

    Thanks for this. I had been using too many seeds for the amount of water. Then they’d have a “crunchy top” like my grandmother’s apple strudel.

  5. Lucas wrote
    at 9:35 am - 25th March 2010 Permalink

    Hi Janice! We had a shipping *problem* all sorted now. Very inexpensive. Thanks!

  6. Yen Shinobu wrote
    at 10:04 pm - 1st April 2010 Permalink

    Very interested with this Chia Seeds but i’d been taking 12 different kinds of supplements including omega3 fish oil for almost 6 years. Would it be possible to take this with my other supplements? Thanks!

  7. Lucas wrote
    at 4:01 am - 2nd April 2010 Permalink

    @Yen – that sounds like a LOT of supplements, but as long as your not getting digestive issues, there’s no reason why adding Chia would be a problem. – LR

  8. Bonnie March wrote
    at 10:06 pm - 2nd April 2010 Permalink

    And what would I do with chia gel?

  9. Lucas wrote
    at 3:28 am - 3rd April 2010 Permalink

    @Bonnie – you drink it down. It’s amazing for you… – LR

  10. Vicky wrote
    at 10:24 pm - 23rd July 2010 Permalink

    Hi Lucas and fellow Yoga Body readers! I have just recently gotten aboar the chia gel train and everytime I have it I feel like I’m doing my heart a huge favor!

    Quick question though, can I add in honey to sweeten it up a bit?

  11. Kimberly wrote
    at 2:04 pm - 26th July 2010 Permalink

    Hey! I just purchased some organic chia seeds from my health food store today. Should I keep them refrigerated? Also, should I keep organic flax seeds, raw sunflower seeds, and raw sesame seeds refrigerated?

  12. Yuki Sakakibara wrote
    at 11:30 pm - 7th August 2010 Permalink

    I’ve heard that chias have a very subtle taste that we can just add it directly to anything we eat or drink. Is this also right Lucas?

  13. Lucas wrote
    at 7:13 am - 11th August 2010 Permalink

    @Yuki – I’m not a big fan of using Chia in recipes. All by themselves with water and lemon is my preferred method. – LR

  14. Yuki Sakakibara wrote
    at 5:34 am - 12th August 2010 Permalink

    Ohh I see, Thank you for replying I appreciate it.

  15. Pedro Morris wrote
    at 8:22 am - 11th November 2010 Permalink

    I want to try this but I am not sure if this available locally. Will have to check at the supermarket this weekend.