How to Make Chia Gel – YOGABODY

Dear Yoga Student,

If you’ve heard about the heart-healing and brain-power benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids but just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it…

…then I’d like to introduce you to my new 100% organic, energy-packed YOGA Seeds!

I’ve been a closet fanatic about chia seeds for years, but it was nearly impossible to find a consistent, USDA organic supply, so I couldn’t really get too excited—until now! I got ‘em!

1 – Squeeze 1/2 a lemon into this mixture and it’ll taste awesome (no lemon, no taste).

2 – This stuff LOOKs weird, I know, but it’s tasteless and amazing for you (omega-3, protein, trace minerals, and enzymes).

3 – You can use juice instead of water for natural, tapioca-style pudding.

You can buy organic chia seeds here.

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