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Food & Flexibility Secrets: The YOGABODY Way

Dear Yoga Student,

Here’s something you have to experience to believe:

“The right foods can increase your flexibility immediately!”

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s true. This is not science or theory; it’s a real-life, student-tested fact. If you eat a water-dense, plant-based diet with lots of superfoods, you’ll notice flexibility gains within three days.

Don’t take my word for it—just try it!

Below is a shortlist of my favorite Superfoods. Buy them fresh or low-temperature dried, and purchase organic whenever possible.

Dark green vegetables are some of the most mineral-dense foods on the planet, and waterborne greens or sprouted greens are even better (waterborne greens usually have 2-10 times more minerals)

Spirulina, chlorella, barley grass juice extract, wheat grass, kale, parsley, all seaweeds and sea vegetables, chard, and spinach.

Today, the most nutrient-dense foods are what I call the prehistoric plants; the ugly, brown-colored, intimidating dry good you see in plastic bins at the health food stores.

These are commercial crops, but nutritionally-speaking, they more-closely resemble their ancestors. They take a little extra work to prepare (cooking or sprouting), but it’s well worth it.

Millet, quinoa, amaranth, wild rice, bulgur, sesame seeds, sprouted seeds of clover, broccoli, mung beans, and radish.

Most people get their fat from inferior, animal-based foods like milk, ghee, cheese, butter, and meat. In animals’ bodies (and yours), built up toxins like pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and pollutants are most-often deposited in fat cells.

To make things worse, animal fat also contains the notorious LDL (bad) cholesterol that can lead
to damaged arteries and heart disease. No wonder fat has such a bad reputation!

Foolishly, many people today try to avoid all fats when really, they should be avoiding animal fats. Plant fats are not only good for you—they are essential for health and wellness and MUST be
eaten on a regular basis. Good fat give you sustained energy, heals your body, and balances hormones.

Raw almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, avocado, coconut, durian, and cold-pressed oils (olive, coconut, hemp, flax, and sesame seed are all great).

Yoga students put heavy demands on their body, often neglecting to replenish their system with nutrient-dense, natural foods that will keep them healthy and strong.

Food for thought…

Keep Practicing,


p.s. On pages 10-23 of the YOGABODY Handbook, I go into a lot
more detail about what and when to eat for health and flexibility.

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  1. Steve Valley wrote
    at 9:38 pm - 27th April 2010 Permalink

    Man this is high quality information. Something worth not only reading, but putting into action. I have my shopping list now. Surely we would ALL be so much more healthy if we did not or at least reduced our eating of animals (imagine if humans were farmed).

    I swapped to cooking with coconut oil unrefined cold pressed and after 7 months using it I got a blood test. My LDL (bad) cholesterol had lowered even more. Cold pressed olive oil is great for cold, very low heat cooking too such as salads. You know that.

  2. Jenna wrote
    at 10:36 pm - 23rd July 2010 Permalink

    I have heard from someone before that “you are what you eat”. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

    Thanks Lucas for the impressive list and info on Superfoods. I should start turning my life around and eat healthy, super foods!

  3. Jimmy wrote
    at 12:11 am - 24th July 2010 Permalink

    Ditto. This is indeed great information! I need to update my shopping list right now and start eating healthy. Over the past years I have felt sluggish and that needs to be fixed asap. Let me start with what I eat.

  4. Gretel wrote
    at 12:27 am - 8th August 2010 Permalink

    Nice demonstration you got there Lucas. very informative for me because I don’t have any instructor, just referring to videos when doing flexibility exercises.

  5. Cecilia wrote
    at 5:41 am - 12th August 2010 Permalink

    Great video I find it very inspiring, you guys are awesome. Im sure I will be like you if I continue practicing yoga. Keep posting articles, I enjoy reading it so much!