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Everything is Great & Nobody is Happy

Dear Yoga Student,

Author, Marianne Williamson, says that energetically,
fear or love is behind everything we do…

… and I completely agree.

You’re afraid of getting sick, so you start doing
yoga and jogging and eating organic foods.


On the other side of the coin, you love life so
much you do everything you can to enjoy and
live it to its fullest (again with yoga, lifestyle
changes, or whatever lights you up).

Most of us (myself included) get scared into
taking action, but there’s a tremendous power
in doing something simply because you love
it and want to do it.

I find that NOT watching the news, avoiding
negative people (promotes fear) and trying
to appreciate the amazing time we live in
all helps.

Above is a hilarious video that puts things
in perspective…

Stay bendy,

Yoga Inversion Swing Trapeze

p.s. What do you think about this? Please share
your comments below (I personally read them all
and would love to hear from you).

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  1. Linda Haverlock wrote
    at 5:54 pm - 12th November 2010 Permalink

    Loved this clip!! So funny and so true! This guy is sheer genius. :)

  2. irlanda wrote
    at 11:39 pm - 12th November 2010 Permalink

    amazing, and so true

  3. Doe wrote
    at 3:46 pm - 13th November 2010 Permalink

    We don’t appreciate what we have until we haven’t got it!

  4. JenDar wrote
    at 6:58 am - 26th November 2010 Permalink

    Funny but true. Perhaps, people of this generation will only appreciate everything if one day they wake up and find out it is year 1980… !