Don’t Smoke Your Joints!

Dear Yoga Student,

If you’ve ever mowed the lawn before, you know
how amazing grass is. You can stomp on it, cut it
almost all the way down to its roots, abuse it…

… and it grows back stronger and stronger all
the time.

In many ways your body’s muscles are the same
way. As you’re building strength and flexibility,
you are creating micro tears that heal longer and
stronger (hopefully) than before.

All good.

This is why you get sore, and I’m sure this is
not news to you… but what about your joints?

What about if you pop your arm straight 20
times in a row until your elbow is throbbing?

What if you do so many squats your knees
swell up like melons?

Do you elbows and knees get stronger? Almost
never. Muscle soreness is a sign of progress
(as long as you can still walk straight) but joint
pain is a sign of injury – or soon to be.

So when you practice, expect your quads to burn
and your hamstrings to get sore after a hard
session. That’s OK.

But do everything you can to keep your knees,
shoulders, elbows and lower back pain-free. Soreness
there is red flag… don’t smoke your joints!

Stay bendy,

Brown Rice Protein – Sun Warrior

p.s. In the next email, I’ll share with you some
very simple, extremely effective tips for joint
care in yoga… got a question? Post it down below…

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