Is Decaf Coffee Really Healthy?

Dear Yoga Student,

Everyone knows that drinking too much coffee can increase your
blood pressure and fry your adrenals…

… but what about decaf?

There’s almost no caffeine in decaf, which sounds good, but there
are two very big problems. Firstly, most decaffeinated coffees
chemically processed so you’re basically drinking a cup of
chemical joe.

Secondly, decaf is made with a different type of coffee bean, a
much stronger flavored bean called, Robusta. Robusta beans
stimulate fatty acid production in the body and have been shown
in clinical studies to raise bad cholesterol.

The bump in “bad” cholesterol was around 10%, not that scary,
but for people working to lower their cholesterol, that’s really bad

Cholesterol, of course, is just one of many possible indicators of
future heart problems (not definitive by any means), but certainly
worth noting. On the flipside, caffeinated coffee has been shown to
increase blood pressure which is a risk factor for heart problems too,
of course.

So what do you do?

First, skip chemically-processed decaf coffees (water processed it better),
and avoid drinking decaf regularly (herbals teas are a better option).

With caffeinated coffee, moderation is really the best answer. 50% of
Americans drink 3 or more cups per day, so you can imagine, that ca

lead to all kinds of problems.

Eventually, if you can, get down to just 1 cup of caffeinated coffee or
tea per day. Or even better, save your coffee fix for rare necessities
when it’s imperative you stay awake (used only occasionally, coffee
is actually quite effective for waking you up, used daily, the opposite is true).

As a caffeinated alternative, some people like grain coffees, but
personally I like honeybush tea. It’s as strong as a black caffeinated
tea, but has no caffeine. It’s also easy to find organically grown.

Hope that helps…

Stay bendy,

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p.s. Many of my students use Vitamin B12 to give them a natural
life in energy while kicking coffee. It’s not all the same as a caffeine
jolt, but in the interim, many people find it really does work.
Liquid B12 for Quitting Coffee

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