EPISODE 127: Human Performance: Faster, Higher, Stronger?
EPISODE 126: Ayurveda, Food & Yoga
EPISODE 125: Raw Food for Real People
EPISODE 124: Overcoming Life Challenges with Yoga
EPISODE 123: The Power of Raw Food
EPISODE 122: Yoga Anatomy for the Rest of Us
EPISODE 121: Practical Steps for Back Pain Treatment
EPISODE 120: Getting Started with At-Home Yoga Practice
EPISODE 119: Is Technology to Blame for Your Back Pain?
EPISODE 118: Learn How Yoga Keeps Runners Injury Free
EPISODE 117: Need More Mojo? Discover 8 Foods that Increase Libido…
EPISODE 116: Getting Started With Essential Oils
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EPISODE 114: The Secret of the “Vagus Nerve” & Yoga
EPISODE 113: Can Kids REALLY Learn Yoga?
EPISODE 112: How to Practice Yoga at Work
EPISODE 111: The Truth About Genetics & Athletic Performance
EPISODE 110: How Important Is Core Strength in Yoga
EPISODE 109: Yoga Should be Accessible to Everyone Because of its Priceless Health Benefits
EPISODE 108: How to Serve 2 Million Meals on a Daily Basis & Change the World
EPISODE 107: Learn How To Grow Your Own Food in Your Own Home
EPISODE 106: How To Live Life on the Wild Side & Release The Primitive You
EPISODE 105: Yoga Handstands: All the Tips, Tricks & Techniques You Ever Wanted to Know
EPISODE 104: How-To Get Smooth, Toned, Cellulite Free Legs, Naturally
EPISODE 103: Meatonomics, when a $4 Big Mac really costs $11, the impact of meat to our economy
EPISODE 102: How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian, Eliminate Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
EPISODE 101: Happy Belly, Good bugs vs. Bad bugs & Your Guts Health
EPISODE 100: Flexibility for improved golf performance
EPISODE 99: Sprouting For Life, Energy & Welness w/ The Sproutman
EPISODE 98: Mind-Body Weight Loss w/ Out Dieting – Jon Gabriel
97: Be more self-loving through eating clean, meditation & by moving your body
EPISODE 96 Emotional affirmations meet fitness through the work of Erin Stutland
EPISODE 95 Stunning view into your health and nutrition
EPISODE 94 Are Edible Insects the Future of Food For Yoga Freaks?
EPISODE 93 The Yoga Of Sleep, Mindful Sleep & Mindful Dreams with Dr. Rubin Naiman
EPISODE 92 “This Ain’t Your Mamas Yoga”, Yoga Blacksheep, Diamond Dallas Page.
EPISODE 91 Turn the world into a giant food forest – Howard Jacobson
EPISODE 90 Healthy Heart & Diet – Joel Kahn – Salt
EPISODE 89 Working Happier – Stella Grizont – Meal Timing
EPISODE 88 Flow States of Consciousness – Steven Kotler – Making Soup
EPISODE 87 Animal Rights Activism – Jasmin Singer – MSM
EPISODE 86 Learn To Dance – Karen X – Oats
EPISODE 85 Everyday Paleo – Sarah Fragoso – Soy Beans
EPISODE 84 Bio Hacking – Dave Asprey – Raw Food Sweeteners
EPISODE 83 Calorie Myth – Jonathan Bailor – Alcohol
EPISODE 82 Why Supplements – The Caltons – Protein Powders
EPISODE 81 The Virgin Diet – JJ Virgin – Fruit Juice
EPISODE 80 Meditation – Emily Fletcher – Stevia
EPISODE 79 Improved Walking – Jonathan Fitzgordon – Sprouting
EPISODE 78 BurstFIT – Deep Sleep – Goals & Support – Dr. Axe
EPISODE 77 Loosing Weight, Healing Journey – Katrina Love Senn – Aspartame
EPISODE 76 Super Shrink Me – Ike Allen – Reverse Vegetarianism
Yoga Teacher, Kimberly Johnson, Milk & Yoga?
EPISODE 74: Myth Busting Nutrition – Yuri Elkaim – Protein
EPISODE 73: Amazon Healer – Nick Polizzi – Water & Hydration
EPISODE 72: What is the advantage of being a vegetarian?
EPISODE 71: Are Energy Drinks REALLY that Bad (for yoga)?
EPISODE 70: Strong Headaches, Cellulite & Acne
EPISODE 69: Shoulder & Neck Stretches and Backbends
EPISODE 68: Tight Hips, Quit Coffee & Yoga Trapeze “Hang”
EPISODE 67: Natural Tooth Care, Shoulder Stretch & Popping Joints
EPISODE 66: How to Calm Nerves, Veg Diet Tricks & Stretching Tips
EPISODE 65: Can Yoga Burn Belly Fat?
EPISODE 64: Flat Stomach, Scoliosis & Estrogenic Foods
EPISODE 63: Flexibility Tips, Caffeine & When to Rest?
EPISODE 62: What the Heck is Reverse Vegetarianism?
EPISODE 61: Do I Need to Warm Up Stretch?
EPISODE 60: Nutritional Supplements & Upset Stomach?
EPISODE 59: Best Poses for Pulled Muscles?
EPISODE 58: Hot Yoga & Skin Rashes?
EPISODE 57: Shoulder Stand Safe for Neck?
EPISODE 56: Nine Days of Drinking Milk?
EPISODE 55: Can Too Much Protein Make You Fat?
EPISODE 54: Is it Possible to Exhale Too Much?
EPISODE 53: How To Kick Your Sugar Habit
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EPISODE 51: High Blood Pressure & Yoga?
EPISODE 50: Shrink My Belly Yoga Poses?
EPISODE 49: Does Yoga Work for Bone Density?
EPISODE 48: Paleo Diet & Yoga?
EPISODE 47: Too Hard to Breathe?
EPISODE 46: Yoga vs. Pilates, Who Wins?
EPISODE 45: To Stretch or Rest (that is the question)?
EPISODE 44: Healthy Diet Plan
EPISODE 43: Green Coffee for Weight Loss?
EPISODE 42: How to Heal Your Knees?
EPISODE 41: How to Lose Weight Safely
EPISODE 40: Meet or Beat Your Hold Time
EPISODE 39: Weird Dreams & Fluorinated Water?
EPISODE 38: Coffee & Yoga Stretching?
EPISODE 37: Dairy & Children’s Flexibility
EPISODE 36: Safe to Eat Raw Sprouted Legumes?
EPISODE 35: Reducing Belly Fat?
EPISODE 34: Is Alcohol Bad for Flexibility?
EPISODE 33: Too Many Eggs Bad?
EPISODE 32 : Becoming a Vegetarian?
EPISODE 31: The Flexibility Program
EPISODE 30: Full Lotus
EPISODE 29: What’s the Secret to Deep Sleep?
EPISODE 28: Food Dehydrator, Alpha Music & The Eastern Arts
EPISODE 27: What to eat and drink for breakfast?
EPISODE 26: Week Knees, High Blood Pressure & Sitting Properly
EPISODE 25: Diabetes, Almond Milk & Yogurt
EPISODE 24: Not flexible?
EPISODE 23: Trigger Pain Points
EPISODE 22: Colonics, Swimming & Juices
EPISODE 21: Stretching Reflex & Cheerleading
EPISODE 20: The best drinking water
EPISODE 19: Pregnancy, Hamstring Stretches & Epilepsy
EPISODE 18: Quit Coffee but Still Stiff, What’s Up?
EPISODE 17: Breathing & Dancing
EPISODE 16: Vegetarian Diet
EPISODE 15: The Right Way to Sleep
EPISODE 14: Bikram vs. Gravity Yoga
EPISODE 13: Juice Cleansing & Sore Back
EPISODE 12: New Diet, Challenging Poses & Toe Openers
EPISODE 11: Are Cooked Veggies Any Good?
EPISODE 10: Yoga Electrolytes, Detoxifying your Body & Farting in Class
EPISODE 9: Mucus, HIIT Training & The Key to Flexibility
EPISODE 8: Yoga Pose Tips, Tricks & Suggestions
EPISODE 7: Numb Hands, Stretch Supplement & Flexibility Exercises
EPISODE 6: Losing & Gaining Weight, The Flamenco Pose and Non-Organic Food
EPISODE 5: Trapeze, Body Builders & The Splits
EPISODE 4: Recipes, Alkaline Blood & Lopsided Body
EPISODE 3: Raw Food, Flexibility & Supplements
EPISODE 2: Yoga Injuries: Should You Stretch?
EPISODE 1: Backbends, Achiles Injuries & Tips