Different Yoga Bodies, Different Strengths – Know Your Limits

How many times have you stood in a yoga class and peeked at others comparing their posture to yours? Yoga might be non-competitive but it is human nature to compete. There is an inner drive to succeed, a determination to be the best. Yoga works on an individual basis, a single stretch could be gentle or severe depending on the physiology of the individual. Remember, that even the supplest person cannot do every single pose in yoga.

Knowing your own limits is imperative. Consider the natural flexibility that you do enjoy. Too often people focus on the negative aspects of their bodies instead Continue Reading »

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – Ride the Wave?

If you thought that there could be no new twist to Yoga, you would be wrong. Paddle Board Yoga is making waves in the yoga community – quite literally. Annette Armstrong is the director of Downtown Yoga in Melbourne and witnessed yoga enthusiasts combine paddle boarding with yoga postures whilst in California.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga (known as SUP yoga) is really taking off. Balance is difficult initially but the challenges increase the pleasurable aspect of practice. A paddle board is stable enough to do yoga on and backbends, Continue Reading »

Yoga On-the-Go: 5 Awesome Phone Apps

If you are new to yoga, finding the right style can take time and effort. If you are limited with time, traipsing from one yoga class to another can be frustrating. Purchasing a variety of DVD’s for home practice can be costly as can paying for membership to a studio. Now there is a better way to learn more about yoga with these new phone apps that can revolutionise your yoga practice.

  • 1. The Pocket Yoga app is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android at $2.99 and allows you to practice anywhere you go. Ideal if you travel a lot. The application provides a picture glossary of poses and three different Continue Reading »

Acro Yoga as Couple’s Therapy?

Acroyoga may sound like some circus-style act but it is actually a style of yoga that is both therapeutic and dynamic in style and intertwines dance with acrobatics. Acroyoga is unlike any other form of yoga in that it enables those who practice to build trust with others and to follow set flows so that the movements and stretches become completely familiar, intense and aesthetically pleasing.

Acroyoga is derived from the Greek word Akros which means high and the Sanskrit word yoga. So Acroyoga means high union and the word describes the style perfectly. Those who participate Continue Reading »

Calling All Athletes: Yoga Can Help…A LOT!

Athletes the world over have started waking up to the fact that yoga can offer a little extra something to help boost their winning potential. Former World Record Holder swimmer Mark Henderson discovered the benefits of yoga as did Olympic cyclist Evelyn Stevens and Rebecca Soni, who was a silver medallist in the 2008 games. But what can athletes really gain from regular Continue Reading »

Is Yoga Safe During Pregnancy?

For those who are looking for a way to increase their overall health and fitness while protecting their unborn baby, prenatal yoga may provide the perfect solution. Starting up an exercise program can be intimidating at any time but more so for those who are pregnant as safety is always a concern. Prenatal yoga takes this into consideration and follows sequences that have been modified specifically for pregnancy, allowing for the many physical and emotional changes that occur throughout the nine months.

At one time, pregnancy meant taking extra care and resting whenever Continue Reading »

Yoga vs Qigong – Who Wins?

In the battle between Yoga and Qigong, it may be a surprise to learn that they actually have many similarities, not simply because their foundations are both steeped in history. Yoga comes from an Indian Continue Reading »

Do Real Yogis Practice at Home?

“This yoga should be practiced with firm determination and perseverance,
without any mental reservation or doubts”

-Bhagavad Gita

Yoga must become a way of life if its true benefits are to be experienced. This means regular practice at home as well as in the studio, utilising a variety of postures designed to promote flexibility and inner health. For many yogis, the difficulty in practicing at home is not a lack of motivation but being able to create a range of postures which meet their individual needs and promotes development.

Since yoga is non-competitive, practicing is more about the personal benefits achieved and the opportunity to increase their potential by coaxing the body into a variety of carefully selected postures. Yogis have to be careful to ensure correct alignment within each posture without the guidance of a qualified yoga Continue Reading »

Facebook Status Updates While in Down Dog… Really?

Yoga has always had a far-reaching capacity but now its popularity looks to gain new levels as Facebook has created an actual game called ‘Yoga Retreat’. You may be wondering how you can manage to add creative Facebook status updates whilst enjoying Downward Facing Dog posture, but this is not the crux of the game.

Continue Reading »

Is Yoga the Cure for Teenage Angst?

Yoga is known for its calming effect but now research has officially proven that yoga is the perfect cure for teenage angst. The study lasted for ten weeks overall and all of the students underwent a number of tests to determine anxiety, resilience, mood problems and anger issues before the study commenced. The students were then split into two groups – one group did a regular PE class and the other a PE class with meditation, relaxation and Kripalu yoga poses.

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