Can Yoga Wreck Your Body? (and other nonsense)

Dear Yoga Student, After that last email I sent you about NOT reading the news, (because it’s too negative focused) one of my students sent me an email: “Yeah, but Lucas… the New York Times has great articles about yoga sometimes…” And she sent me a link to an article about how yoga can allegedly […]

Do the Splits, Man!

Here’s why frontal splits are easier: every time you stretch your hamstrings or the tops of your legs, you’re preparing for the frontal splits, so almost everyone who stretches is accidentally getting better at the frontal splits whether they know it or not!

The Physics of Yoga Strength [interesting]

Dear Yoga Student, If you’ve ever seen a buffed up yoga teacher with giant biceps and budging pecs… … you can be sure he or she did NOT get that body-builder physique doing yoga poses. Here’s why: Yoga builds FUNCTIONAL strength, not for show, but for real life, real power. Ask any yoga teacher and […]

Don’t Smoke Your Joints!

Dear Yoga Student, If you’ve ever mowed the lawn before, you know how amazing grass is. You can stomp on it, cut it almost all the way down to its roots, abuse it… … and it grows back stronger and stronger all the time. In many ways your body’s muscles are the same way. As […]

Strength vs. Flexibility – Who Wins?

Dear Yoga Student, Is it possible to be strong AND flexible? Yes, but it takes effort. You see, strength and flexibility are the yang and the yin of yoga. If you’re an avid runner, for example, chances are good that your hamstrings and calves are really tight and probably your hips too. Doesn’t HAVE to […]

Does Bad Alignment Cause Injuries?

Dear Yoga Student, It’d be great if your back NEVER hurt, if your knees never had twinges, and your shoulders never ached… … but if you’re actually using your body for yoga or other activities, chances are that sometimes you’ll get sore. And sometimes, you’ll get injured. Yoga teachers often blame injuries on bad alignment […]

Yoga Breathing 102

Dear Yoga Student, Ever wonder why people who sleep on their side always sleep on their RIGHT side? It’s because laying on your right side encourages left nostril breathing, which activates the right side of the brain and helps you relax. Don’t believe me? Take a survey of everyone at your work, and you’ll see […]

Is Pranayama Dangerous? (yoga breathing)

Dear Yoga Student, There are some really silly yoga myths floating around, and a big one goes like this: “Breathing exercises (pranayama) are for advanced yoga students only and should never be practiced without a teacher’s supervision or it can be very dangerous.” Geez, the first time I heard that, I got really freaked out. […]

80/20 Principle & Yoga Stretching

Dear Friend, I’m going to teach you something that completely changed my yoga practice and my life. Here it is: “80% of yoga poses and stretches are a complete waste of time!” Here’s how it works: there is a principal called the “80/20 rule” that basically says 80% of your progress (in anything) comes from […]

Merideth’s Rawvioli with Pesto and Marinara

ABOUT THIS RECIPE: As with all recipes, the first and most important ingredient is Love! Planning should include a trip through the pantry, a visit to the greenmarket (or your own garden, should you be so fortunate), and a stop at the grocer (preferably, a locally-owned health food store) for anything you don’t have on […]