Super Green Smoothie – Crazy Goodness in Minutes

As a nutritional coach, people often ask me: “Why can’t I get all the nutrients I need from the foods I eat?” In theory, you can. While it’s entirely possible to get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat, it almost never happens. Not now, and not even 10,000 years ago. Archeologists […]

Doctors Now Prescribe Fruit/Veg in NYC

Dear Yoga Student, In New York City, anywhere from 10-50% of lower income residents are not getting even a single serving of fresh produce daily… … so there is a new prescription fruit and veg program where people are given something called, “Health Bucks,” that can be used to buy fresh produce at the local […]

Does Yoga REALLY Burn Calories? [video]

Dear Yoga Student, Pop health culture tells us that in order to lose weight, we need to burn as many calories as possible through exercise and reduce our food intake through portion control. Bad news. This is terrible advice, and it almost always fails long term. You might be able to run like a hamster […]

Gymnastics Flexibility & Recovery

Dear Yoga Student, When I first started YOGABODY, we catered exclusively to yoga students… … but over the years, we’ve attracted gymnasts, dancers, rock climbers, runners, and even bodybuilders. As a totally uncoordinated person myself, I find it quite flattering, but the truth is that our nutritional support formulas are very effective for any activity […]

The “Good” Coffee Gene?

The “Good” Coffee Gene?(it means you can handle it) Dear Yoga Student, Do you know anyone who can’t tolerate any caffeine, ever? There are people who will get anxious and jittery just from green tea or even a little chocolate. Did you ever wonder why? It turns out there may be a genetic factor at […]

Does Green Tea Make You Skinny?

Dear Yoga Student, There’s an Asian supermarket across from my apartment in Barcelona, and the other day, a woman in front of me with 12 packets of ramen noodles asked the clerk for some “slimming tea.” Quite pleased, the clerk pointed to over a dozen different green teas that are meant to help you lose […]

Is Decaf Coffee Really Healthy?

Dear Yoga Student, Everyone knows that drinking too much coffee can increase your blood pressure and fry your adrenals… … but what about decaf? There’s almost no caffeine in decaf, which sounds good, but there are two very big problems. Firstly, most decaffeinated coffees chemically processed so you’re basically drinking a cup of chemical joe. […]

Dr. Terry Wahls Reverses M.S.

Dear Yoga Student, Many of the people touting healthy living and wild-style foods are people like me, people who have never really had a major health crisis. Don’t get me wrong… That doesn’t make the message any less valid (I hope:) but the people who most-inspire me are those that have had health challenges and […]

Never Take This Medication While Doing Yoga

Dear Yoga Student, I need to tell you about an extremely common antibiotic that can cause massive tendon problems according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. But first… a story. When I was 16 years old, a dermatologist put me on tetracycline (an antibiotic) for the better part of 18 months. That couldn’t have […]

3 Tips for Quitting Coffee (doh!)

“Lucas, I know coffee is frying my adrenals but I don’t know how to wean myself off it… what should I do?”