“Why You Eating Bugs?” she said

Dear Yoga Student,

“Why You Eating Bacteria?” she said. It was my daughter.
I explained *some* bugs are really good for your gut.

They’re called probiotics (a.k.a. “good bugs”) and
here’s what they do:

*Starve off the bad bacteria by eating their food
*Synthesize vitamins K and B
*Reduce inflammation
*Produce short-chain fatty acids to nourish the colon
*Boost your immunity

In the old days, we picked food from the ground and
ate it with bits of soil and microorganisms all over it.

Today, our soils are no good and our produce is
sprayed, so we have to clean and cook most things.
This is bad news for our good bugs.

Add in chlorinated water, antibiotics, and processed
foods; and before you know it, your digestion is not that
great. And digestion, of course, is where you get
the raw materials to build your body.

But enough gloom and doom. Good bugs are hard
to find;) but not impossible.

Here are my 3 favorite sources:
*Raw sauerkraut (unpasteurized)
*Raw kefirs or yogurts (unpasteurized)
*High potency living probiotic supplements

The first two are really easy. To learn how
to make kraut or veggie ferments, please
watch this video: How to Make Saurkraut

To learn more about probiotic supplements,
watch his one: Choosing a Probiotic Supplement

Hope that’s helpful…

Stay bendy,


p.s. If you have questions or comments on these,
please feel free to post comments on the bottom
of this page and I’ll try to answer them…

Never Stop Stretching – Secret #7 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

Once, a yoga teacher really hurt me.

I used to practice at this dingy old studio in
the East Village in New York City where the
head teacher was known for his strong

Hmm… I should have known better.

I was in cobra pose and this teacher came up
behind me, stuck his knee right between my
shoulders, and “knee-ed” me into a REALLY
deep backbend.

That’s when I heard a POP!

Ever torn an intercostal muscle? Let me tell you,
it’s not fun. Just a deep breath or light laughter
would sent knife-blade pain down my entire left

Yoga’s not supposed to hurt, but hey, sometimes
it does.

So I started treating myself naturally. I knew
all about sulfur, the most important mineral for
tissue regeneration, and I knew that MSM was
the best source for it. (MSM is an organic form
of sulfur derived from pine trees).

But I wasn’t taking nearly enough!

Most MSM supplements contain 500-1000 mg
which isn’t even an ‘active dose.’ I discovered
that the supplement companies save money
by giving consumers mini-doses which don’t
actually do anything!

When I found this out, I was pissed off.

My nutritional coach suggested I take 3-4 grams
of MSM combined with Vitamin C as part of my
regular healthy diet. And since I’m always
open to experiments (especially with all-
natural, water soluble nutrients), I gave it
a shot.

And you know what? It worked!

The whole time I was injured, I never stopped
stretching (I just moved very carefully), and
within 5 weeks, I was as good as new!

Here’s today’s lesson… if you hurt yourself:

1 – Don’t stop stretching, just go really slow
and be gentle.

2 – Take MSM with Vitamin C. MSM is one of
the most pure, bio-available sources for sulfur
in nature, and when combined with the free
radical scavenger Vitamin C, you then have
the beginnings of the prefect stretching formula.

You can read more about my formula here:

Stay bendy,


p.s. Read what my students are saying about
YOGABODY here: YOGABODY Rave Reviews

p.p.s. Beware of low quality MSM. It will give you
a really upset stomach and gas. The MSM I use is
99+% pure (similar to that found in veggies) and in
combination with my Triple Green Blend & Vit C, it’s
more effective AND very easy to digest and absorb.

Flexibility is Not Genetic – Secret #6 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

I don’t care if your mom is stiff…

… or if your dad can’t touch his toes.
Flexibility is not genetic!

My older brother, Ryan, can drop down into
the full side-splits (that’s impressive), while my
younger brother, Mike, has a hard time touching
his toes.

Genetically, these two are 99.9% alike, so why
the difference? Well, Ryan stretches and Mike
doesn’t. It’s that simple.

Forget the rumors: flexibility is not something
you either have or don’t have – like red hair or
a clef chin. Flexibility is developed through
physical practice and proper diet. Nothing else.

What does that mean? Well if you did ballet as
and ate a macrobiotic diet, then sure, you’ll
probably have an easier time with stretches.

Here’s how it works: people move their limbs
through a wide range of motion on a regular
basis tend to be really flexible… the rest of us
tend to be stiff.

So obviously, if you want to improve your flexibility,
you need to start stretching. That’s probably not news
to you–but maybe this is:

1 – You need to stretch 5 days per week, but only
for about fifteen minutes

2 – You need to practice long-hold Gravity Poses,
these are passive stretches that target specific areas

That’s right. Just 15 minutes per day.

If you’re looking for a fast-track stretching
routine, in the YOGABODY Handbook, I have a
5-day program that targets all the major areas
of the body.

It’s got color photos and is extremely easy to
follow… but let me give you one passive stretch
for the hips that you can do right now:

1 – standing, bring your feet wider than your hips
2 – squat down and turn your feet slightly outward
3 – bring your arms inside your knees
4 – rest your hands on the floor with your palms
facing up
5 – drop your head and relax
6 – breathe in through your nose and out through
your mouth for 100 breaths (really, really deep

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how a New York City yoga
teacher popped one of my intercostal muscles.

Stay bendy,

Yoga Protein for Lean-Bodied Strength

p.s. The YOGABODY Handbook is available here:
YOGABODY Flexibility Kit

Raw Food for Flexibility – Secret #5 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

In 2002, I stopped eating.

I lived in New York City at the time, and after
returning from my first 10-day, silent Vipassana
meditation course, I got off the subway in a
daze and said, “Forget it!”

Forget meat, forget dairy, forget booze, and
forget cigarettes. I quit everything right there -
just like that.

I began this new healthy chapter of my life with
a 5-day fast. I drank carrot juice, orange juice,
watermelon, cucumber – anything I could find.
My head was spinning, my belly was shrinking,
and a little voice in my head said:

“You’re on to something here, Luke!”

So when I started eating again, I ate only raw
food… and that lasted for the better part of 2 years!
In case you don’t know, raw vegan food consists
of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Nothing else.

Lucky for me, I really like plants (hmm… broccoli).

Here’s what happened: I dropped 40 lbs in 8 weeks,
my clothes hung from my lean frame like laundry
on the line, and I had this crazed look in my eyes of
someone who just discovered a HUGE secret… and
I had! Wanna hear it?

“Food is the most powerful drug on this planet!”

Eat the good stuff, and like a German diesel engine,
your body will perform like a champ for a century.
But if you like to eat the crap at 7-11, then you
better invest in a premium health insurance plan.

So what does this have to do with flexibility?

Well, when I started on a plant-based diet,
I got really bendy, really fast because plant
foods prime your body for growth and change
like no other.

Here’s a quick tip: try to eat at least 1 raw meal
per day (a giant salad is fine), and if you can,
make it your last meal of the day.

I’ve done this experiment with over 140 people,
and they ALL told me the same thing: raw food
makes you flexible.

Plus, it’s damn good for you too.

Funny how that works… if you eat healthy foods,
your body seems to perform better. Coincidence?
I doubt it.

Stay bendy,

Yoga for Flexibility

p.s. The YOGABODY Liquid Detox is a great way to
cleanse your body and limber up. I’ve been leading
detox retreats for years and now am about to release
a home version. More to come on that…

p.p.s. Questions? Comments? Post them below.

Yoga doesn’t work (usually) – Secret #4 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

Warning: this might shock you!

Yoga classes, for flexibility, rarely work.
Sad but true. Let me tell you why.

In most yoga classes, you’ll practice 30-50
postures in 90 minutes. This means that you
usually get less than 30 seconds per posture.

I’m no math whiz, but I can tell you this:
20 seconds ain’t much! Neither is 40 seconds
and neither is 1 minute.

If you want to really get flexible (this century),
you need to start holding postures for 2-5 minutes.

Sound crazy?

Well get this: most yoga poses demonstrate rather
than develop flexibility. That’s why dancers are
always the stars of yoga classes while the stiff
guys (like me 5 years ago) hide out in the back
and pray for a miracle.

Well stop praying and start practicing!

The miracle of flexibility is in self practice,
at home, where you can take your time. I’m a
yoga teacher, and I know what I’m talking about.

If you want to get flexible, you need to learn a
different way to stretch. The method I use,
called Gravity Poses, involves ZERO effort,
just a ton of concentration and deep breathing.

Let me give you a sample of what I’m talking
about. This is for tight hamstrings:

1 – Stand with your feet about as wide as your hips
2 – Bend your knees a little
3 – Grab opposite elbows, and fold forward over your
4 – Relax your head
5 – Breath in through your nose and out through your
mouth really deeply (I mean, really deeply)
6 – Count 100 breaths and then release

*NOTE: don’t bounce or wiggle or use any effort…
just allow gravity to do the work.

Stay bendy,

Increase Your Flexibility

p.s. Gravity Poses are the best way to open up your
body quickly and safely. In the YOGABODY Handbook,
I’ve got a five-day stretching schedule that consists
entirely of body-opening, Gravity Poses. The handbook
is FREE when you order my kit… at least for now.

Indian Food is NOT Yoga Food – Secret #3 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

In 2006, I spent 3 months in India studying yoga.

I practiced with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, I
spent time at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala,
and I met some really cool, old-school yogis at
random temples and markets.

I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, but India
stands out as both the best and the worst.

It witnessed beautifully-rich traditions, heart-
wrenching poverty and desperation, magnificent
monuments, and desolate slums all crammed
together in a huge land mass that somehow
always feels crowded even when there’s no
one around.

And the food? Well, Indian food tastes amazing,
but for yoga and flexibility, it’s death!

Let me explain.

The Indian diet consists mainly of wheat, rice,
and dairy – three of the most mucus-forming
foods known to man (think of mucus like glue
smeared throughout your body).

Lots of Mucus = Lots of Stiffness

So why do yoga teachers always recommend
that you drink milk, eat yogurt, and suck down
spoonfuls of ghee every day?

Probably because they’ve never tried giving it up!

Here’s a quick tip: give up dairy for 1 week and
see how much more flexible you feel. Most people
notice a HUGE difference within 3 days (I’m
talking night-and-day difference).

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: “Not another
crazy vegan trying to turn yoga students into
tree-hugging hippies…”

… well, think what you like. I’m not a hippy, I’m
only slightly crazy, and this isn’t about the cows!

(OK, I’ll admit I do think it’s wrong to strap cows
to machines, steal their babies, and pump them
full of antibiotics just so we can have yogurt for
breakfast… but that’s another topic altogether.)

Mucus sucks! That’s the straight story. Give up dairy,
go deeper in your backbends, and your sinuses will
be so clear, you won’t believe it.

After 1 week, if you just can’t go another day without
Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, well then at least you’ll
know why your hamstrings are so stiff when you
wake up the next day.

Stay bendy,

Yoga Flexibility Kit

p.s. I run a Karma Yoga charity project that’s pretty
fun. Take a look when you have a chance:
Karma Yoga – YOGABODY

Coffee Makes You Stiff – Secret #2 of 7

Dear Yoga Student,

When I was 19, I worked at Starbucks on Park Row
in downtown Manhattan.

At first, I was really into the Carmel Macchiato, but
after two months, I couldn’t drink the sweet stuff
anymore. Made me sick.

The staff mostly drank Americanos (espresso and
hot water), but after a couple weeks on those, I
decided to skip the water and drink 12 oz. glasses
of straight espresso–3 times per day!

My bean of choice was from Sumatra; full bodied,
thick as mud, and not too bitter.

I was a coffee boy for nearly a year and half (the
entire time ruthlessly addicted to caffeine) and
here’s what happened:

- I gained 15 lbs.
- My skin went translucent
- My stools looked like petrified wood
- I couldn’t seem to sleep OR stay awake
- My love life was crap (read between the lines)
- Every joint in my body ached

What I’m trying to tell you is, I know coffee. I
know why you love it and why you need to give
it up, or a least cut WAY back.

Here’s a quick stretching tip: drink fresh juice
instead of coffee, tea, or sodas and watch your
flexibility improve within 36 hours. I’m serious.

Sound too simple?

Get this: caffeine sucks the water out of your
system, fries your nerves, and makes you tense.
Let me put it this way: dry, tense, over-stimulated
bodies are, without fail, stiff and tight every time.

If you really need a pick-me-up, do a 3-5 minute
headstand. It beats the hell out of Grande cup
of Sumatran espresso any time.

Stay bendy,

Yoga Swing For Stiff Back Pain

p.s. Instead of coffee, I now use Liquid Clarity-B for a
natural, healthy pick-me-up. You can listen to me ranting
more about coffee here: Liquid Clarity-B

Anyone Can Become Flexible – Secret #1 of 7


#1 of 7: Anyone Can Become Flexible

Dear Yoga Student,

Let me tell you why I KNOW that anyone can become
super flexible.

In 2003, I met Jake, a former body-builder turned yoga
student who showed me old pictures of himself.

Jake used to have biceps like tree branches! No joke! This
guy was ripped, and everyone knows that body builders
are all stiff as a board… right?

Well, this guy completely transformed his body into
a long, lean, flexible machine so fast that his friends
didn’t recognize him.

He did this using a system he learned in India that
involved long-hold stretches, a special Ayurvedic diet,
and some funky Pancha Karma detoxification program.

All told, Jake spent 1 full year in India practicing
and studying, and I have to say his results were

But here’s the thing:

I got the same results in HALF the time using Gravity Poses,
nutritional supplements, and eating healthy foods. I’m not
one to take shortcuts, but hey, who wants to waste time?

Here’s a tip you can use tomorrow:

Try drinking green juice before you stretch (like at least 30
minutes before). These are my favorites: wheatgrass, spinach,
kale, and parsley juice.

I don’t have space here to explain to here why green juices
make you bendy, but trust me, they do.

If you’re interested in the theory behind green juices and other “flexibility foods,” I go into more detail on page 12 of the
YOGABODY Handbook (which I’m giving away free of charge
by the way in my YOGABODY Flexibility Kit).

Details are here: YOGA FLEXIBILITY

Stay bendy,


p.s. In tomorrow’s lesson, I’m going to teach you something
you’re not going to like: coffee makes you stiff. Sad but true.
Until then…