80/20 Principle & Yoga Stretching

Dear Friend,

I’m going to teach you something that completely
changed my yoga practice and my life.

Here it is: “80% of yoga poses and stretches are
a complete waste of time!”

Here’s how it works: there is a principal called
the “80/20 rule” that basically says 80% of your
progress (in anything) comes from 20% of your

So 20% of your yoga poses and stretches will almost
always deliver 80% of your results…

… and the rest (meaning the majority) are really not
very productive at all. Sad, but true.

Most of us waste a lot of time practicing postures that
don’t do much, if anything, and this is why I spend more
time practicing on my own than I do in classes.

Here’s why this matters:

“If you dump the 80% of stretches that are only
generating 20% of your flexibility results (and focus
only on the 20%)… you’ll get bendy 16x faster.

I’m not going to get into the math here, but trust me,
the results are 16x faster!

When I first learned this, I’d been doing 50+ postures
per day for years, and figured my way MUST be the
right way.

I was dead wrong.

The 80/20 principal is a law of nature. If you practice
smart, you move ahead 16x faster. Practice wrong and
you’ll wallow around with a stiff, sluggish body for ages.

This is why I developed the Gravity Poses for flexibility
in my YOGABODY Handbook. These poses ALL fall into the
20% of postures that deliver 80% of the results (or more).

And here’s something even weirder. The 80/20 rule applies
to everything, not just yoga… but that’s more than I can go
into here… check out the book below.

Stay bendy,


p.s. Note from a YOGABODY student:

“Hello, I really want to thank you for this great stretching
, my boyfriend who never had done Bikram before could
enjoy this without any stiffness after…”
– Anne-Li, Bikram Yoga Student

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