3 Sore Body Foods [and why they might not work]

Dear Yoga Student,

If you’re stretching and doing lots of yoga, you’re
bound to get sore. It’s normal… all part of the

You’re also bound to start craving different kinds
of foods. That’s your body telling you what it needs
to make the changes you’re asking of it.

Here are 3 GREAT sore body foods to help your
body heal, grow, and change.

PINEAPPLE – fresh stuff is loaded with bromelain,
a powerful enzyme with anti-inflammatory and
healing properties.

*When it doesn’t work* canned fruit or processed
juice is very weak. You need the fresh stuff with
active enzymes.

GINGER – eat a chunk of this fresh root vegetable
to flight inflammation and warm your body for

*When it doesn’t work* forget ginger tea in bags.
They contain so little ginger, it’s really just
“ginger-flavored.” To get medicinal benefits,
you need to consume a nice-sized chunk, either
chopped in a salad or blended in a smoothie.

OMEGA-3‘S – these fats are great for your nervous
system, and strong yoga practice is just as
much a test of your nerves as it is your tissues.
Omega-3’s are also anti-inflammatory and good
for your brain.

*When it doesn’t work* you must consume fresh
chia seeds (http://www.yogabodynaturals.com/yogaseeds), flax
seeds, or eat fresh cold water fish. The majority
of the omega-3’s people are eating have been
cooked or processed. Freshly ground or soaked
seeds are a very inexpensive, convenient option.

Hope that’s helpful…

Stay bendy,


p.s. One of my favorite post-yoga juices is
pineapple-ginger-coriander. It’s really great
for your sore body and tastes great too.

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